Benefits And Advantages Of ReLEx SMILE Eye Surgery


Unlike traditional eye procedures, ReLEx SMILE eye surgery has a plethora of benefits. The surprising thing is that in a technology-driven world, people still hold negative notions about SMILE surgery. However, it is natural to be afraid of any procedure, primarily related to the eyes. Most patients that undergo ReLEx SMILE eye surgery experience the benefits from day one. Let’s understand the advantages of opting for a ReLEx SMILE eye surgery and what it means.


What Is ReLEx SMILE Eye Surgery?

ReLex SMILE eye surgery is the latest development in the medical world that entails using cutting-edge laser technology for vision correction. It is an acronym that stands for Refractive Lenticule Extraction or Small Incision Lenticule Extraction. This surgery can effectively treat myopia (nearsightedness) and mild astigmatism with minimal invasion. ReLEx technology won a Nobel Prize in Physics in 2018 and instantly got approved by the FDA. In all, ReLEx SMILE eye surgery is the pioneer of refractive laser surgery for vision correction.

What Are The Benefits Of ReLEx SMILE Eye Surgery?

Some advantages of ReLEx SMILE eye surgery that make it a safe and popular choice among patients are as follows:

  1. Flapless Eye Surgery

Unlike traditional eye procedures, ReLEx SMILE eye surgery does not involve flap creation, leading to many complications during or after the surgery. In past years, ophthalmologists created an incision within the innermost layer of the cornea of 28mm. On the other hand, in SMILE, a small incision is made less than 2 mm without a flap formation.

  1. Less Invasive

As discussed above, old procedures required making a significant cut that resulted in complications and a longer recovery time. But mainly, it invaded the layers of the eye on a deeper level making it more susceptible to injuries, infection, and vision issues. In ReLEx SMILE eye surgery, a tiny incision is made in a single step, making it a minimally invasive process.

  1. Femto Technology

ReLEX SMILE eye surgery uses a Nobel prize-winning technology for correcting vision. It is a highly technologically advanced method that involves using a Femtosecond laser for maximum precision. This is based on the high-accuracy ZEISS VisuMax Laser technology in which doctors use a computer-guided laser for creating the incision. Therefore, there are zero chances of incorrect measurements and cuts.

  1. One-Step Procedure

Due to advanced technology and maximum precision, ReLEX SMILE eye surgery is a relatively quick procedure, done in a single step. Mostly, the time is spent in taking the measurement, preparing equipment, etc. But the eye surgery takes a few minutes and involves only one step of creating a small incision. Hence, a patient need not worry about being in the hospital for a few hours, let alone staying for a day.


ReLEX SMILE eye surgery has garnered attention for all the good reasons. From the time it has been approved by FDA, it has created stellar results. Almost 98.5% of patients can see better from the day of surgery, and 93% get the near-perfect vision in a few weeks of treatment. In all, ReLEx SMILE eye surgery is the best option for treating myopia and mild astigmatism.

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