If your friend was there with you in these times, then he deserves to be your “friends forever.”


My dear best friend thank you for everything you did for me. Thank you for standing with me in every ebb and flow and making me smile when it was very hard even to fake a smile. Thank you for accepting me with all my flaws. I feel nobody in this world could understand me the way you understand and very easily handle my mood swings. A friend is someone who is there for in every situation and who has our interest at heart. For me, a friend is someone who makes you feel comfortable in their company.

In any friendship, it is important to understand that whether your friend can understand you or not, whether both of you respect each other or not, whether he support and protect you or not. These are the small things which make your bond strong and sustainable. In simple language, if I say all these points are the bases of friendship. Today I will share some of the points which helped me to call my friend as a forever friends. I hope all these points will help you to come out of the muddle that whether your friend deserves to be called as forever friend or not.


1. Keeps your secrets safe

A forever friends will always keep your secrets safe no matter what. He will never speak behind your back what he should not say to your face.

2. Always ready to help in any situation


A forever friend is someone who stands with you in your bad times, confused times and sad times. Here are some easy ways to differentiate between real friends and fake friends. This is the person whom you will not avoid when you want to close yourself in four walls. This person is someone who will put an end to your bed times.

3. Forgives you always


No matter what you sad in your bad mood, your forever friends will never get angry with you and will forgive you quickly.

4. Changes your life and add more smile


He is the person who changes your life with their presence and only tries to add a smile in your dull life. This person has the capability to handle your mood swings and will try to make you believe that it is right in the universe.

5. Your problem is their problem


If he is your real friend, then you will observe that your problems will be automatically their problem. He will try to solve all your problems and will make your worries small with his presence. If your friend does such things, then he deserves to be called as your forever friends.

6. Motivates and push you to open the closed doors


When your world turns out to be dark and gloomy, your forever friend picks you up in spirit and quickly adds brightness in your life. He motivates as well as inspires you to look differently towards life. My forever friend always told me that “when life closes one door never feel weak as it will open windows to take you towards other beautiful doors.”

7. Never leaves you even if you walk away


Even if you leave, they will follow you like a shadow to make sure that you are fine.  A forever friend will teach you to deal your problems with a smile and not let you escape.

8. Shows you path when you lose your way


When we are going through bad times, we tend to move out of the way in such situations our forever friends guide us. He will give best suggestions and ideas according to our interest.

9. Lights up your dark world


When you are facing challenges, your forever friends will be the light in your gloomy and dark world. He makes you feel happy and will take away all your problems.

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