The Honest Reviews About Corporate Infocom Pvt. Ltd- Is CIPL Fake/Fraud or not?


If you have ever been in the profession of network marketing, then you know the importance of leadership. The type of training you get when you are in network marketing is different from any other training you have been through. Take my story for instance; went to school, got a good education, worked in corporate for a couple of years. I have been to all kinds of training but never experienced anything like my current network marketing company CIPL Corporate Infocom Pvt. Ltd.. In my belief, all network marketing companies are created equal but I will only speak for the company I am currently in.

Now, you might be thinking “Great! Another one of those chronicles, he is going to talk about working on a paradise and flashing cash around.”   

Well, it is not one of those stories. But don’t get me wrong – being part of a successful network marketing business has helped me increase my wealth. I really work in a paradise but what I want to share is not so surface level. I admit that my life changed on a deeper scale than I could ever imagine when I started first. The training I received was unbelievable.


The Truth About CIPL 

Those who don’t know what network marketing actually is tends to spill rumors about them being a hoax. For starters, CIPL indeed is a private limited firm; CIN – U72300DL2007PTC1559, approved by Ministry of Corporate Affairs.


For those who say CIPL is fake, you can match this Corporate Identity Number (CIN) with the ROC certificate. The certification clearly states that it is not that CIPL is Fraud, but this corporate society is absolutely genuine in the eyes of the law.  


There are many people raising questions on Quora regarding the originality of Corporate Infocom Pvt. Ltd. Well, to be honest, those are the people who think how can you make so much money in less time. They are actually wondering if it is possible to do so. They are not questioning the company’s integrity but wanting an opportunity to be a part of it. 

What is CIPL really?

To help you understand what CIPL is, firstly I will have to explain what it isn’t. Most of the people relate network marketing to a pyramid scheme. Pyramid schemes are programs similar to chain letters. Individuals invest money based on the assurance of the marketers that their invested money will filtrate back to them, and they will get rich.

Pyramid schemes are strictly money games that have no foundation in real commerce. There is no exchange of products, just money changing hands. However, the modern-day pyramid schemes have products, but they actually act as a disguise to draw out the money.

Corporate Infocom Pvt. Ltd., on the other hand, is a genuine business. The company works on the principles of network marketing. I have been part of this company for some time now and I can genuinely say that it is based on providing people with genuine, real products and at a decent price. I have seen people making a lot of money via CIPL but their financial benefit is always the result of their own committed and devoted efforts in building an institution that sells bona fide services and products.

Why I love my experience at CIPL

When I first started, I didn’t know what path to take, I was literally at a crossroad in my life. But I did know that I didn’t want to continue with my corporate job. So, when someone approached me with the possibility of becoming an entrepreneur with a small startup cost, I was thrilled, I saw the potential.

We have trainers in international standards. It is all about the fundamentals – how to become an entrepreneur, how to build a business, but most of the training is about your mindset.

A few years back, network marketing meant sponsoring and retailing to people from your prospects. Although sharing services, products, and opportunity with people is still the basic foundation of the business. Today, we see more and more people using complicated marketing techniques like the internet, long-distance sponsoring techniques, conference calls, etc to extend their network across the nation.

Of course, people do make large amounts of money in a very short period and many would say those people were lucky. To be honest, it is not a get-rich-quick scheme and its success is not based on ‘luck.’ If you are seeking success in network marketing, then you should know its very basic yet dynamic principles. That’s how CIPL works – it has a set of rules and principles to assist others in building their business.

By now, you must have understood that network marketing is a serious business for serious people. Take Corporate Infocom Pvt. Ltd. for example, it is a proven system where the creation, design, and expense the corporate team has experienced become the roadmap of your triumph. Just follow the simple, effective proven and duplicable system, and you are good to go.  

How does it work with Corporate Infocom Pvt. Ltd?


Being part of a successful network marketing business, I have come to know that the ‘organized way’ is the best way. During my initial days at the company, I understood that people only worked for a few dedicated hours every week. Each hour of effort they put in, it served as a building block for their enduring business growth. They sponsor other people and teach them how to sell the company products and services and sponsor those who duplicate the process.

The products offered by Corporate Infocom Pvt. Ltd includes:

  • Domain and Web Package
  • Mobile site builder – lets anyone develop a mobile version of a website
  • Corporate online institute of Professional learning – offers advanced technology and computer course
  • CSEASYWEB – an advanced website creator designed for quick creation and management of websites
  • SEO Training School- For advance training of SEO
  • DAVSY- For building more traffic on the website
  • TechieGigs- New Product launched to get trained by IT Experts

From the above-mentioned products, you can purchase any of them and you will get a free and options business part. That is, you have to introduce your friends and family to it and if anyone of them avails it, then you will be rewarded with the benefits as per the business plan.

In other words, by helping people you individually sponsor to sponsor others, you duplicate yourself. This development continues and creates an amalgamated growth that can lead to hundreds and thousands of people coming into your business. I don’t see any kind of fraudulent here. It is a part of Multilevel Marketing that according to India Laws is not illegal. You leverage your valuable time by helping others to be successful and earn income from their efforts.

You don’t need big capital investments, no minimum quotas, no geographic limitation, and no special skills or education but you still can make up for a good living. Corporate Infocom Pvt. Ltd is a home-based, low-overhead business that actually offers many benefits associated with owning a business.        

It is a people-to-people business that significantly expands your circle of friends. The best thing I like being a part of CIPL is that it enables you to travel, have fun, enjoy the lifestyle you want and earn extra income.

The perks I have experienced while working with Corporate Infocom Pvt. Ltd which give proof to those people who say that CIPL is fake :

  • You actually don’t need employees! This is one of the biggest headaches any business owners have. Working in the network marketing profession, I got to know that each business owner is given an independent contract and based on the performance, you get paid; there is no need for employees.
  • You don’t have to ship or stock inventory! This is the best part I love about network marketing. I love telling entrepreneurs that my inventory is stored in stockrooms, drop shipped at no cost to me.
  • The partnerships don’t require handholding or babysitting! The biggest cerebral pain for the business owners. I love to say that the biggest reason why I love network marketing is that I don’t need to hire employees and the people I partner with don’t require my regular consent. I just train them and wish them to perform their very best.
  • It allows you to spend quality time with your friends and family! When talking to many business owners from different fields, I get to realize that I am the luckiest person alive. They all complain about not being able to spend quality time with their family because of their workload. Those who say that CIPL Fake, I just want to tell them that it has provided me with a platform where I can focus on my career along with a focus on my family.
  • There is no limitation on the amount of revenue you can generate! The word ‘revenue’ easily gets business owners to perk up. What you people refer to ‘CIPL Fake’ has taught me that when it comes to network marketing, no income ceiling exists. I have learned that it gives you the platform for building a passive income stream.   


If you still think Corporate Infocom Pvt. Ltd is fake; then you need to understand that there is no force in this world that can change your mind. It is all about the mindset; you believe what you see and what you are seeing right now is how these people are tasting success in less time. CIPL is just a platform, the success lies in our efforts and how we face difficulties. Maybe reading this book helps you think wider!

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