Going for your first Business Meeting?

Business Meeting

According to science the first seven seconds when you meet someone is when you will make your first impression.

How well you present yourself initially, is how people are going to react to you later.

So, when you have an event or a business meeting or any other business arrangements, you have to be quick when it comes to making your first impression.


Here are 10 tips that will help you do that:


Business Meeting
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A smile gives your face and personality a positive vibe, and everybody wants to have positivity around them.

While smiling, it is important that you don’t come out as dowdy or inelegant. It could give the impression that you are hiding your anxiousness, or you are being rude.

So, it is important to have just the right kind and pleasant smile on your face.


Business Meeting
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A handshake is imperative when you want to make a first impression. In the professional world, a handshake is taken as a sign of politeness.

A good handshake shows confidence. There are things to consider when you give a handshake. It should not be too loose, a loose handshake means you lack confidence, or you are uninterested.

A handshake should be not too tight, it should be firm and convey your confidence.


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You should always prepare yourself thoroughly for your meetings.

Do your homework properly about the concerned meeting and people associated with it. It will prepare you for all the unexpected questions they might come up with.

Your knowledge will help you in improving your conversation and will make your meeting productive.


Business Meeting
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How you introduce yourself says a lot about you. So, if you want your first impression to be effective, you need to have an excellent presentation.

It is not necessary that you make a grand or over the top introduction, a straightforward and polite one will work just fine.

After exchanging names saying, ‘it was great to meet you’ is one way to have a polite introduction. Remembering a name is a good trick; if you master this skill, you will surely impress everyone in your meeting.


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Some people may have great ideas, but they will hesitate in putting them in the meeting because they lack confidence.

You must portray yourself in a positive way so that they have a reason to listen to you. Don’t be too loud or speak in between; let the person complete his/her sentence first.

Talk calmly; studies have shown that individuals who speak in a deep voice and a calm way are likely to be taken more seriously.


Business Meeting
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When was the last time you were impressed by someone? What trait of theirs impressed you the most?

Use that. Whatever you learned from that person use it in your experience. It might help you make a good ‘first impression’.


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Being late to your meeting must be on the top of the lists of what not to when you are trying to make a first impression.

People don’t like being kept waiting, and it will make a terrible first impression. Be punctual, it will show that you take the business seriously.


Business Meeting
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If you know how to use flattery in a friendly and subtle way, then it might help you make a good first impression.

Everybody loves compliments; it makes them feel nice about themselves. The trick is to use flattery in a smart way.

You must come up with the right words and use them in the right way. You want to look charming not a creep.


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Again, eye contact is very important when you are trying to make a first impression. Eye contact when you are speaking shows that you are confident about yourself and your ideas.

At the same time maintain eye contact when someone is talking to you. It shows that you are listening to what they have to say. Both are important in making a good impression.


Business Meeting
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It is vital that you understand that it is not all about you. So there is no need to show off.

Start by asking about the people around you; it gives you the idea of who you are dealing with in the meeting.

When you know the needs of people around you, then you can present your ideas according to them.

In just a few seconds, people form an opinion about you, just by looking at your clothes, personality, demeanor, your mannerism, etc. so a good first impression creates interest in the person you would want to know more about them.

Basics are the most important in this. How you appear, how confident is your personality, politeness, manners, etc.

So next time when you have a meeting, use the above tips and make a good first impression because the first impression lasts forever.

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