Easy Crafts To Try At Home During Quarantine


Wherever you are in the world, stay home and stay safe!  As we all navigate through global pandemic COVID-19, it’s important that we keep ourselves engaged (and probably remain sane throughout the quarantine period).

Though Netflix and Chill is an option, you get drained out before you know. Therefore, we suggest you be resourceful and creative, during the self-isolation periods. We have listed below easy DIYs that you can try with your family and kids to keep the boredom away.

Let’s Begin:


1 ) Make Rakhi At Home

The festival of Raksha Bandhan is fast approaching. It is the celebration where sisters adorn their brother’s wrist with beautiful rakhis. As times are uncertain, and we all are unsure about how long the lockdown period will extend. Why not gear up for rakhi preparations by making rakhi at home. You can engage your kids in this too. Before the festival, you can send rakhi to UK at his place, and he will be teary-eyed to receive a handmade rakhi.

How to Make: Paint the ends of ear-buds in the different or same colour.

  • No cut the painted ends.
  • Take cardboard, draw a circle, and cut it out.
  • Now, paste the painted buds on the circle in a flower pattern.
  • Cover the hollow area with a stone. Stick the decorated circle (dial) on the ribbon in the middle. Your beautiful rakhi is ready.

2) Make Birthday Greeting Cards

Kids love to make greeting cards. As we cannot step out of the house to buy greeting cards, why not craft one at home. Your kids will love making greeting cards for the family members, and it is one of the best ways to spend some time with kids. You can make a greeting card for a family member whose birthday is in the next week and surprise them with your creativity.

How to Make: You will need a white chart paper, sketch pens, ribbon, and coloured sheets.

  • Fold the chat paper vertically. Now take a coloured sheet of paper and cut it diagonally.
  • Now paste the coloured sheet that you have cut on the lower end of the chart paper
  • Make balloons from the remaining coloured sheet.
  • Stick them on the white portion of the paper.
  • Decorate the card with stickers and ribbons
  • Write Happy Birthday on the lower coloured end.

3 Make a Pen-Flower Bouquet

Revamp your house with hand-made decor and artefacts. Fuel your creative soul by handcrafting decorations from waste material and beautifying your spaces. If you love flower decorations, then a pen-flower bouquet is a must-try for you.

How to Make: Collect dry flowers from your garden. You can also make tiny paper flowers if you know how to make them.

  • Cut out the stems of the flowers.
  • Make clusters of flowers by tying or sticking them together
  • Paste the flowers on unusable pens and pencils. You can also stick them on wired stems.
  • Arrange them in a vase, and allure beauty all day long.

4 Make Notebook Covers

Are you bored seeing those brown covers on your favourite notebooks? Do you wish to give an exciting twist to the dull brown-black notebook cover? If yes, then you are in the right place. You can also create beautiful covers for your kids’ books and notebooks.

How to Make: Take old denim and cut for yourself a leg and pocket

  • Now cut glue the denim with the pocket on the front side of the notebook
  • Cut off the extra length, and bind the sides together.
  • You can either glue the sides or can bind them with a binding machine
  • Cover the back of the notebook with plane denim from the same jeans
  • Embellish the front cover with ribbons and flowers.
  • You can put pens in your pocket.

Make most of your quarantine time by trying hands at art and craft. Give wings to your creativity.

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