Types of Bicycles


1.City Bicycles

There are certain questions raised in one’s mind when it comes to city bicycles. Is it the all-time go-to bike of all time? Is it just a basic bike which workers use for their daily commuting?

Types of Bicycles

The answer to the entire above question is a definite “yes”. The term “city” is associated with these types of bicycles because of the perception of how this bike looks like in the first place. The long wide comfortable seats and used for daily commuting is definitely a go-to bike to be considered. It is the best choice for someone who wants to experience the biking for the first time ever and obviously for everybody who will find the bike in resonance with their daily needs and usage.

City bicycles are quite famous all over Europe and especially in the Amsterdam city. It is also known as the “Dutch Bike”. The upright positioning of the city bicycles makes them comfortable while riding. The erect riding posture is one of the selling points of the bicycle bikes. You must often witness Europeans traveling with the city bicycles to run their daily errands. The customization of a front basket makes it handy for sufficient storage such as vegetables, fruits, and other groceries. The speed is moderate because the city bicycles are meant for easy going and hassle-free rides.  And surprisingly the city bicycles also have an edge regarding the modification of the bike. You can have additional lights to make it night friendly.

The other selling point of the city bicycles is also cost saving and fitness. You save a lot on fuel consumption and you burn a potential amount of calories while riding. Most of us in adulthood lose the importance of fitness and are woken up when it all comes down to the health crisis. The low maintenance costs and also low time investment in maintenance attracts one towards the city bicycles. A lot of contemporary designs are in the market right now for the city bicycles. These current designs have really modified the traditional bikes with new features added such as hub dynamo, magnetic, and automatic lights.

2. Hybrid BicyclesTypes of Bicycles

As the name suggests this type of bike will have the characteristics of the combination of certainly selected bikes. Hybrid bicycles are a specialized bike combined with the working of the mountain, road, and touring bikes. The unique selling point of this bike is not just meant for regular roads and terrains. Hybrid bicycles have the capability of effective riding on uncertain and irregular terrains easily. However, hybrid bicycles are also categorized according to their different utilities such as fitness or comfort.

It has got more extensive tires as compared to a normal bike. This provides it solidness and griping on the speed aspect. The stouter edge gives it the advantage of bearing heavy weight comfortably. It has got the discipline of potholes; you will not feel that bumpy effect in your unusual topography at times. Most of the bicycle material is made of aluminum or steel which keeps it lightweight and provides the quality of the material.

The strength and toughness of the hybrid bicycles are derived from the extensive tires which are a combination of the mechanisms used on street and mountain bicycles. You shall also find an extended handlebar which provides a really immense grip which will the user in exercising the utility of being in a superior position to obtain a good vision and control for commuting the bicycle.

Branded hybrid bicycles will have a cyclo computer which will help you in calculating your riding figures. And also an additional attachment of an edge pump, water container, device pack, and enclosure. The pricing angle of the hybrid bicycles also makes them one of the desirable bicycles. They are slightly cheaper as compared to normal bikes. And if I forgot to mention, hybrid bicycles are a treat when it comes to the cycling experience. While riding this bike you will feel enthusiastic. The health and fitness related aspects can also be discovered in the hybrid bicycles because they are meant for all kind of terrains which essentially provides resistance while riding. The science of resistance is considered in having a healthy and stable metabolism.

3. Best Women’s BicycleTypes of Bicycles

The trend of women’s bicycle has taken over the cycling industry in recent times. There is a wide range of especially best women’s bicycle designed to cater the women audience according to their needs. Now in order to select the best women’s bicycle, one will have to understand the needs of women in this aspect. The very first aspect that can be considered is the look of the bike. We often find variations when it comes to the certain products of women and men despite being the same. You can easily find the best women’s bicycle based on the appearance and the look of it.

Buying the best women bicycle is actually based on the choice of it. You need to ask yourself why are you looking for one before buying it. The list of questions you need to ask are as follows:

  • How often will I ride?
  • What are my space restrictions?
  • Where will I ride?
  • Do I have health considerations?
  • What’s the primary need for me to purchase a bicycle?

These are the five general important questions that women or even men need to ask before buying. The definition of the best women’s bicycle can only be defined by personal objectives and needs for a bicycle. Mostly the best women’s bicycle can range for women from road bikes, cruiser bikes, comfort bikes, and even mountain bike is an option who want to explore the cycling even a bit more. However, there are certain things to notice while buying the best women’s bicycle which can actually be considered best. These are the things you should look for as a female.

  • Frame Size
  • Shorter Stem
  • Narrower Handlebars
  • Reach from Levers to Bars

These considerations will help you in choosing the best women’s bicycle.

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