cool tips for travelling nearby Europe,cool tips for travelling nearby Europe,



tips for travelling nearby Europe

You guys know I’ve been keeping this blog for a long time already, it’s where I like to share my personal experiences, and of course, a piece or two of good advice as well =). And while blogging around the world, I’ve had the chance to meet other awesome writers I think you might like as well.

So now I am here to talk about the guys from Inside. They are having all types of cool tips for traveling nearby Europe, and really, you must check them out while planning your next trip. I made a small selection of my favorite articles, but you should check their content. While they’re based in Paris and have written a lot about the city, they also give a lot of tips about traveling other European destinations like Madrid, Amsterdam, and London!


tips for travelling nearby Europe

Ahh, Paris! The city of lights, history, and romance! Such a beautiful place especially when you’re lucky enough to see it from a Parisian rooftop! But it’s also so easy to get lost in all the information available online, even for seasoned travelers. At Insidr I came across these interesting articles that are totally worth reading! I’m someone who makes it to a point to buy souvenirs during my travels, and I found their notes on where to buy typically French gifts and where to find beauty, skincare, and cosmetics products to be really helpful! They even have a list of the most loved French beauty products on their site!  And of course, FOOD! I was salivating upon reading their articles on delicious street food in Paris along with a solid selection of Parisian coffee shops. And if you’re into French wine, they’ve got that covered, too by introducing places to go for wine tasting in Paris.


Travelling to Europe,

Identified for being the city of lights, good food, and yes sometimes, even romance, Paris is possibly on everybody’s list of dream destinations or places to visit. But while a lot of people dream for their trip, most of them forget about the realities while traveling to a foreign country, with a different language and environment no less. Here at Insidr, I came across various interesting articles that have solved so many of my own queries! For instance, honest tips about the public transport in Paris, how to get to Paris from the airport (Orly / CDG), and even going so far away as writing up a guide to getting your own Navigo Pass. I particularly found the list of common cons to evade to be really eye-opening! They also help us come up with some interesting things to do in Paris on Sundays and also while traveling to Paris with kids!


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To me, France is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Of course, nothing associates to Paris but the country is even more beautiful than the capital. And I’m not only speaking about having a day trip to Versailles. With a picture-perfect combination of nature, inheritance, food delights, and culture, I could never mention you enough to experience what the other towns have to offer. I think the articles which are there at Insidr are the perfect guides to such hidden treasures! Those who are into history, you can’t miss the D-Day Beaches and the Mont Saint Michel area in the northern part of the country. And when you’re at the place, do not forget and make sure to hit some of the France’s quaint and appealing towns like Dinan, Cancale, Bayeux, Etretat, Honfleur, Deauville and Saint Malo. And of course, do not leave Paris before visiting Giverny to marvel at Monet’s house and garden.


cool tips for travelling nearby Europe,cool tips for travelling nearby Europe,

Insidr recently released their top recommendations and tips on Venice, the gem of Northern Italy. I personally think one should dedicate at least 2 days or 3 days in the city to really experience Venice. And don’t forget to save some time to visit the region beyond the main city. And for you foodies out there, they’ve summed up their favorite spots for gelato, as well as the best cocktail & speakeasy bars!


tips for travelling nearby Europe

Probably since the 2012 Olympics, the popularity of London as a tourist destination has seemingly skyrocketed. Along with that, the number of sources for information has gone up, too. I am not actually one who likes switching from one website to another in order to gather all my information, that is why I really appreciate the work that Insidr does. They not only suggest travel journeys for London that include lists of where to stay and what to eat, but they also talk about the best bars in the city, too! I also like that Insidr was considerate enough to come up with a director to the public conveyance in London. I think taking trains or buses in cities acquaint you with a place faster! And speaking of taking trains, it was interesting to read their suggestions for taking day trips outside of London.

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