Motorcycle Apparels

Riding a bike is inevitably a dangerous and risky activity, which is why it is considered 33 times more dangerous than driving a car according to the NHTSA data. Considering the amount of risk and danger involved in riding a bike, we care for your safety and bring to you the best gears and the apparels that you need for your comfort, style and most importantly, Safety!


Motorcycle Helmets

The very first thing you need is the helmet. Most of the injuries that bikers suffer from are around their face or head, which is why wearing a full-face helmet is really essential for a biker. Wearing a helmet has so many added advantages-

  • Keeps the wind and bugs out of your face– For a biker, the focus is one key element. It doesn’t take a minute for a biker to lose his focus and crash into something, considering the speed. Wind and bugs are the most common distraction you would come across while driving, but wearing a full-face helmet serves your purpose just right!
  • Works as a shock absorber– Head injuries are the leading cause of fatal road accidents, which is a perfect reason for wearing helmets. Helmets work as the perfect shield and shock absorber. Even if you meet with an accident, the helmets prevent any severe shock and injury from reaching your head.
  • Improves the visibility– Wearing a quality helmet with a high-quality visor can help in improving the visibility. It also prevents the debris from getting in your eyes hence improving the concentration and visibility henceforth.

You can now buy the best big motorcycle helmets which would provide you full-face coverage.

  • Motorcycle Jackets

Motorcycle jackets are another really popular piece of the safety gear. It is mainly used to keep you warm in the cold weather and cool looking at all times! In summers you might feel like ditching the jacket but believe us, it is better to sweat than to bleed.

The Jackets play an important role in keeping your skin safe from injuries. If you have ever been a bike crash, you would know how sliding down the pavement or roads can literally scrape the skin from off of your bones and expose muscles!! Which is something we’re sure you wouldn’t want? This is why we bring to you the best motorcycle jackets there are to protect you.

Most of the motorcycle jackets are made up of either leather or textile. Textiles’ are more affordable and some of them also come with water-resistant quality, keeping you dry even in bad weather. Whereas, leather jackets last a lot more durable and last more than the textile ones. Not only this, they also provide the “Classic Biker Look”, but they are more expensive.

You can buy the best men’s motorcycle jackets here.

  • Motorcycle Pants

It might sound weird when we say that the regular denim is not fit for wearing while riding a bike but believe us they are not! They will not protect you in a motorcycle accident. You’ll need jeans that are made to resist abrasion, which is usually provided by the introduction of Kevlar panels.

Just like jackets, pants are also available in textiles and leather. They should be equipped with the CE-rated armor in the hips, shins, and knees. They should fit snugly but should allow fully leg circulation and comfortable movement.

Leather pants are the ideal selection for the pants, but since they can be expensive, you can go for the Kevlar jeans because they also provide more resistance to abrasion than the regular denim.

If you’re looking for Honda motorcycle apparel from aftermarket brands, you can find them here.

  • Motorcycle Boots

Motorcycle boots not only look great, but they also provide with the grip that you need and protect your bones during a crash. Street bikes are really heavy and you’ll need to support the weight of it, of course, yours through your legs and ankles, even on the most unpredictable surfaces.

Your feet and ankle are really vulnerable during a crash, so you’ll want to take extra efforts to protect them. While picking up motorcycle boots, you would want to check the sole of the boot and see if they prevent twisting. They also usually have a metal plate running through the sole. Strong heel and toe boxes help you keep your feet locked in and reduce the force of impact on those areas.

Another thing to look for in the motorcycle boots is that they are sturdy and provide over the ankle protection.

  • Gloves

In case if an accident, it’s pretty obvious of you to extend your hands to protect yourself. If you don’t have anything to protect your hands, then you can probably end up breaking those bones, loose skin or even break your fingers.

We don’t say that gloves can protect you during an accident but they are of real help when you do! Beyond protecting you during an accident, gloves are known to add to your classic “Biker look”. They also protect your hands against the winds if you go for the weatherproof ones.

While buying gloves, you should see that gloves should fully cover your fingers, palms, wrists and the back of your hands. You should make sure that the gloves overlap with the jacket and leave no skin exposed between the two.

  • Suits

What could be better than a full suit covering you from head to toe and providing you full protection against accidents and other natural elements like wind, debris etc

Suites provide you with more comfort and provide greater flexibility, making the movements much easier. Suits are usually available in one-piece or two-pieces, allowing you to pick from the best ones!

  • Armour

Motorcycle body armor protects you from the impacts of absorbing shocks and energy that could otherwise be transferred to your joints, limbs, and body. While purchasing them, you should check whether they fit snugly or not and they shouldn’t shift or move during a crash, but they shouldn’t restrict the movement of limbs.

They can come in various materials like foam, silicone, hard plastic etc.

As discussed, riding a motorcycle exposes you to extreme risks and danger and require full concentration and physical ability. Fortunately, we have gears that keep you safe and protected during accidents and comfortable in different weather conditions.

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