10 Tips to Strengthen Your Character



The word character has been derived from a Greek word and was utilized in the ancient times to recognize the true or original coins from the fake ones. Today, this is a term which is known to be utilized for the purpose of defining a person. It constitutes of numerous important factors such as the honesty, the truthfulness, the integrity and many other qualities that a human being possess. Strengthening your character is one of the most important tasks that you can imagine of accomplishing. Being able to set yourself as a role model and or being able to present a positive side of you is something that requires few changes in your mentality as well as in yourself. Here are some Amazing tips to avoid negativity.Below we mention a few tips which would help you in strengthening your overall mentality as well as your personality.


1.Start by Knowing Your True Self

This is the first and the foremost step in strengthening your character. Before you begin to change something you ought to know where exactly does the problem lie. You would need to know the true self and accept the fact that yes there is something wrong with you. Most of the people out there are firm believers of the fact that there isn’t anything wrong with them and that they are perfect human beings present on this Earth. Realize and get to know your weaknesses and then proceed to the next step.

2. Start by Maintaining Cost Benefit Charts

You might have attached yourself to some habits because at that point of time you thought of them being useful or beneficial for you. You need to be brutally honest and get hold of your character and accept all the negativity that you have acquired over the time. A careful evaluation of each of these habits will help you get hold of the fact that most of them are proving to be costly rather than being beneficial.

3. Get Yourself the Energy as well as determination to change those things

Once you get to realize the fact that the habits you possess are proving to be costly, you will automatically get a pump or a ‘Kick’ to quit and change them. Therefore you need to channelize all your energy and get that extra pump or a boost which would allow you to acquire this new habit and therefore remove these negative parts of your character and hence strengthen the same.

4. Write it down to carry out a solid transformation

The best way to carry out a solid transformation is by writing down the analysis that you have planned to carry out. Once you have written down the transformation that you are aiming to achieve, the next step would be to write down some solid argument in support of the change you are making. This would actually motivate you to carry out tasks in an efficient manner, by reading this you would always know that why it is important.

5. Be all Focused

Now, that you know what change you are aiming, the next step should be to remain focused and attentive. Focus is also related with the ‘right diet’,Here are the 10 foods to improve focus.Habits are something that would pop up one time or another during your transformation phase, however how well you tackle it is what would help you strengthen your character. You would have to be attentive all the time and be aware when you start behaving the old way. This attention or awareness isn’t something that could be taught; rather you have to figure out ways so that you don’t get drawn back into that old habit of yours.

6. Take Help of Others

You can let some people close to you know about what transformation you are planning to achieve and hence can seek out help from them in order to achieve your goal quickly. This way you would have the confidence of changing into something good, while at the same time you would be scared to turn down the trust that people have in you. Now, the change of character that you are planning won’t only give you best results; it would also be a reason for the people close to you to smile.

7. Set Daily Goals

Don’t just rush past things and plan some huge transformation on your first day, instead, try to go easy on yourself. For example in case you feel you are dishonest for a long time, then try speaking the truth for one day. This way these small goals, when accomplished daily, would provide you with great results in the future.

8. Don’t take it as a competition

This is one thing that most people try to accomplish. They start taking their friends or family members as their competitors and hence tend to do more than what their competitors do. You ought to realize that this isn’t a competition and by making changes in yourself, you would benefit only you and nobody else. It doesn’t matter if your friend has a stronger character than you, what matters is that you should be able to stand in the mirror and face yourself.

9. Try and Forgive Yourself

There would be times when you would be drawn back into your old habits. There might be times when you would have the desire to do something that you didn’t plan on doing, however, don’t take this in a negative way and try and forgive yourself. Instead use this mistake to learn and never repeat the same mistake again or get drawn into your old habit due to the same reason.

10. Go back to Step 2

Now, this is a loop back process. Once you have spent considerable time on your transformation, the next step should be to evaluate how far have you reached. It is time to design another cost benefits chart and cross out the goals you have achieved and set new goals for the time to come.

Following the above-mentioned steps, it is highly unlikely that you would fail. You would come out bigger, better and stronger than you previously were.


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