10 Things You Should Never Insert In Your Vagina


Your vagina is a delicate thing, and it is crucial to take care of it. If we don’t take good care of it, then we put ourselves at risk of many uncomfortable and itchy infections. You must have heard some horror stories about some girl inserting random objects inside their vagina and ending up in the hospital. Inserting any random object can cause severe damage to this sensitive part of your body. So here is a list of things you should NEVER insert in your vagina.


Fruits and vegetables

Never insert fruits and vegetables inside your vagina as it may cause serious issues. Fruits have pesticides which are very unhealthy for your vagina. So when you insert fruits or vegetables in your vagina, you are indirectly inserting pesticides which can cause infections in your vagina.

Sharp objects

There is a lot of blood supply inside your vagina so if you get even the smallest cut, then it can cause a lot of bleeding. A vagina is a very typical area and takes a lot of days to heal. So it is highly recommended not to insert any sharp objects which can cause bleeding.

Don’t steam

Nowadays girls go to the spa and get steaming done. Steaming can increase the blood flow but if you heat too much or too close then you could end up with burns down there. The injuries will take a lot of time to heal, and it will cause a lot of pain to you.

Piercing it

Getting piercing done in your vagina can cause a lot of irritation and can also pain a lot. Piercing your area can be a very unhygienic thing to do, and it can also cause a lot of infections down there.

Plastic toys

There are many chemicals found in plastic which can cause serious damage to your vagina. It can cause damage to hormonal changes and birth defects. It can also cause bacterial infections. So avoid inserting plastic toys in your vagina as it can cause severe damage.

Electric toothbrush

Some girls insert electric toothbrush in their vagina for their vibrating pleasure but it can cause problems inside your vagina. The electric toothbrush contains all the bacteria from your mouth, and if you insert it in the vagina, then it can cause irritation or bacterial infections in your vagina. An electric toothbrush can make the situations worse.


It is also suggested to clean outside of the vagina. Douching or shooting water is a big NO. It can mess up the delicate pH balance of your sensitive part which can lead to infections in your vagina.

Oil lubricants

Stay away from oil based lubricants as they are thicker and harder to wash out of your vagina. It can cause a lot of bacteria in your vagina. Oil based lubricants can also put you at the risk of STD.

Chocolate toppings

Stop putting whipped cream and chocolate sauce in your vagina as it can mess your pH levels and can cause a yeast infection. When you add chocolate sauce in the vagina, there is a huge risk of some sugar settling in your vagina which can cause a lot of damage.

Alcohol soaked tampons

Some girls insert alcohol soaked tampons in their vagina which can cause horrible damage to your vagina. It can make your area uncomfortable and itchy. It is recommended not to insert alcohol soaked tampons in your delicate part to prevent your vagina from a number of infections and itchiness.

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