10 things you must know about a Virgo woman

Virgo woman

A Virgo woman is born between 22 August- 23 September. A Virgo woman is intelligent, helpful and very loving. She will always sacrifice her needs for her loved ones. A Virgo personality also includes her modesty. She is an ideal lover. She can bring stability and order to her life without depending on anybody else. There are many Virgo characteristics and Virgo personality traits which you should know about. There are many things you can present to someone close to you who is a Virgo, such as a custom bracelet because they love such things or a book about becoming a stronger person according to their Zodiac sign.

Here are 10 Virgo personality traits and Virgo characteristics which you should know about. Read the list below!




A Virgo woman will keep her feelings controlled as she is very sensitive. She will express her feelings if you are very close to her. Though its hard for her to show it quickly but when the right comes she will confess it to you.  She will speak up about all her feelings she has felt all this while.


traits of Virgo woman

A Virgo woman is a nerd. She will always note down every detail about everything she comes across. She will have a lot of things going through her mind and is a book worm. You will see her reading books very often. She will be a great listener too as her concentration is very strong.


traits of Virgo woman


A Virgo woman is very practical. Before deciding anything she will analyse and concentrate on every little detail. She is the most sensible woman out of all signs. A Virgo woman is more practical than a Virgo man. You can be sure about their stability and practicality.


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A Virgo woman doesn’t believe in flirting as flings. She believes in eternal and real love. If she falls in love with you, she will do anything to keep you happy. She is romantic to the core and will do anything to have a happy relationship with you. She doesn’t fall in love easily but when she does she will love you like no one else could.

Fair and modest

virgo love horoscope

A Virgo woman is fair and modest. She will never boast her wisdom but will always be very kind to you. She will always take right decisions. Her modesty also helps her in achieving whatever she wants to. She will always motivate herself without anybody’s help.



A Virgo woman is very determined and stubborn. If she wants something, she will trick you with her charms in getting it. If she decides to do something, then she will stay determined and will set her mind in doing whatever she wants.


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A Virgo woman is very organised and disciplined. She hates messy surroundings and mess can piss her off. She will always organise her things herself. Discipline is what she prefers.

Bold and blunt

virgo horoscope today love

A Virgo woman is very bold and direct. She will never say anything to you in an indirect manner. If she hates something, then she will directly come to the point and confess it. If you ever want honest suggestions then you can go to Virgo woman for that she will always be very honest about everything.


virgo love horoscope

A Virgo woman is very moody.  She is highly emotional and tender. She will go through many mood swings. You will never know what her mood can turn up like. She can be happy 5 minutes before, and you will see her mood turning off within 5 minutes. Her mood is unpredictable. You must know some tips to keep September zodiac sign happy.


traits of Virgo woman

A Virgo woman is very independent and strong. She would always do her work all by herself without depending on anybody else. She will never complain about handling everything alone. A Virgo woman is strong and hardworking. She will always make herself feel better if life knocks her down.


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