10 Things A Break-Ups Teaches You About Love And Life



Do you think that your current relationship is going to be perpetual? Do you believe that your relationship is so strong that you cannot face any failures in it? If you are so confident about your relationship, then I must aware you that you are either a beginner in this field, or you are an experienced lover who has been through many breakups before and have found your true love. The relationships are never smooth. No matter how perfect two individuals are for each other, but they go through trials and tribulations that make their relationship bitter. Every time it is not the ideal relationship that knocks your door, you never know when the wrong guy/girl traps you in his/her net. So, here are the 10 things a breakup teaches you. The split-ups are really hard to get over with, but they definitely make you realize the most important things in life that you were not aware of:


 1. Love is unpredictable

You never expect such hard times; it happens out of nowhere. Every time you think that your small fight will be resolved, but sometimes it takes the worst from and leads to the end of the relationship. So, prepare yourself if any such situation happens in the future. You don’t have to lose your faith in love, but you have to be cautious the next time you like someone.

 2. True love is just a fantasy

You start to believe that true love is just a fairytale. But you must remember that the person who broke up with you might not your Mr. Perfect. So, don’t let love be out of your life because if you do that, then you’ll also lose your humanity.

 3. Resilience

Such circumstances give you immense power to confront hardships of life. It fills you with the strength that can instill a sense of determination in your life to bounce back with the same zeal. You develop perseverance and persistence as your psychology prepares for the worst.

 4. Your family is your well-wisher

Do you remember the time when you went out with your partner and your parents resented? When the breakup takes place, then you realize that your family and friends are your true supporters, and they will never leave you alone.

 5. Why should you cry for a jerk?

The tears will only help you in lightening your burden. Do you think the person you are sulking is also equally unhappy about the breakup? No. He /she must have found a new person to goof around. So, don’t let your precious tears be wasted on such callous person who does not give damn about you.

 6. Maintain distance from people

Try to keep a safe distance from anyone you love. When you give all of you to the man/woman, and later the person ditches you, then it hurts like a bullet wound. Don’t let anyone come near you unless you think that you can have faith in him/her. Just be selective in making friends.

 7. You can’t trust anyone

When you love someone, you sacrifice yourself to him/her. You don’t realize that he/she might be trying to take advantage of your innocence, so don’t act like a baby and be indulged with any guy/girl just because he/she offered you chocolate. It is not the era where you can find trustworthy people, so make your choices wisely.

 8. People wear masks to hide their face

If you have broken up with someone, it is definitely an indicator of the fact you must have got to know the person behind the mask. It teaches you that you must be intrigued by someone’s personality, you need to dig into the heart of the person to see his/her real face. The person may look amazing from the outside, from the inside he/she might be a monster.

 9. Show maturity towards relationships

Since you have experienced how it is to be in a relationship, so from now onwards you will not become someone’s bait, and you’ll not make a fool out of yourself. You will become skeptical in choosing the right guy/girl for you. This will help you in becoming an intellectual person in life.

 10. You are better off alone

After a break-up, you realize that being single is the best. You don’t have to consider someone else above you; you don’t have to care for somebody else, and you don’t have to waste your tears for an unimportant person. You are not under anyone’s shadow, and you can live your life on your terms.

Be Single, Be Happy!

You might be in a happy relationship right now, but jot down these points because they will help in recovering from the trauma when anything happens to your relationship. Breakups are eyes openers; you must take it positively and not blame yourself for the breakup. You must stop pining for the same guy/girl for the rest of your life. Your ambition is standing in front of you to drag you out from this situation. Grab its hands and conquer all the fears of your life.

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