10 Things That Happen When You Register Yourself On Matrimonial Websites



Have the wedding songs started playing in your head? Do you think that you are too old to date, and you must begin the hunt for the match? Do you think that your colleagues have got married before you, and you are the only one left? If yes, then you must be one of those people who are desperate to tie the knot. You have so many avenues nowadays where you can post your profile for finding your life partner, be it the matrimonial classifieds ads in newspapers or the online portals like shadi.com. You are definitely on the verge of slaying your head by your sword by registering for these matrimonial sites. Just kidding!!! But yes, there are certain things that you will realize when you sign into these matrimonial websites.  These sites make promises to you about finding your soul mate and arranging the perfect match for you. But you must notice that these portals are just running a business, and you should not be manipulated by them. Nevertheless, here is the list of 10 things that happen when you register for matrimonial websites:


 1. You have reached your eligibility age

If you are registering for such site, then it simply signifies that either you have realized that your age is receding too fast, and you must get married to the next person who comes in your life or your well-wishers have an influence over your thoughts. These sites are actually for those people who have lost faith in themselves, and they believe that they can’t impress any man/woman by their charm.  You must know that your profile is not a portrayal of your personality; it is just a synopsis of what you want others to know about you. To be a real relationship, you have to meet the person and figure out accordingly.

 2. You are out from the dating sites

Since you are fed up of online dating, that is why you are after another mate-hunt i.e. the matrimonial sites. The people who are bored of their lives and have nothing to entertain themselves with, they are the ones who go to such sites. There is no urgency for you to get married, do not let others think that you can do anything to get married before them.

 3. You don’t go on blind dates

First, blind dates, then marrying a stranger whom you have found via a matrimonial site. Amazing!!! Don’t you think you are in a haste of doing everything in life? It is always said that “Live life like there is no tomorrow,” but don’t apply the saying in this case. Registering yourself on such sites means that you have stopped looking for your partner in your blind dates, and now you are left with this option.

 4. Make a catchy profile to get quick responses

Once you are active on these sites, you tend to develop a killer profile of yourself in order to win many responses. You mention things in your profile that you have not even tried in your entire life just for the sake of enticing the people. Yu don’t have to be flamboyant to impress the men/women. Just upload your real profile and accept genuine responses.

 5. To stop your parents from looking the perfect match for you

Your decision to sign in for these websites could be the result of the pressure from your parents on you. Your relatives must have started sending photographs for your proposal. You must have been frustrated with their forceful attitude, and thus, you decided to do it. But when you start using the site, you realize what mistake you have committed.

 6. You get to know the weird credentials that people ask for

It is not just your profile that speaks high about you. Do you think your contenders would leave a chance to make a gorgeous profile that could get many hits? So, they are no less. You would find people with fake profiles and also the ones who mention peculiar details of height required of the bride and bridegroom. You get find this nuisance only and only here.

 7. Your friends will mock at you

Obviously, your buddies will make fun of you because this is something that people do out of the blue. They will be shocked to see your concern for your marriage that you have registered online you to fix up your wedding.

 8. You would check your profiles 1000 times a day

You are registered, but what next? So, you go through the site now and then. Before and after having your lunch and before going to sleep, every time your eyes are stuck on your mobile screen or desktop to check the updates. You put it in another way; you develop a syndrome.

 9. You would be called desperate

Tell me a reason why you should be called one? Registering for these sites is a parameter to judge your eagerness to get married. If you think that you are so uninteresting that nobody around you can fall for you, then you are highly mistaken. You must dig deep inside you, and you will see a person who can definitely be a husband/wife to someone.

 10. No replies would demotivate you

“Sometimes destiny is hard on me” – Is this what you think when you anticipate some responses, and you don’t get one? Please, don’t be depressed because these sites are just deal breakers, not the deal makers. You don’t have to be obsessed with these matrimonial sites, just consider them to be one of the messaging apps and forget about the message sent.

So, have you registered on the site or still waiting? Have you also come across these things when you registered yourself for these sites a few days, months or years ago? If you did, then you must be an apt example for this article. Well, you must remember that whether you search your partner online or anywhere else, he/she will come to you only when it is the right time for you. You should not be disheartened if your profile does not get quick responses, may be you are too good for them to approach you. So, do not let these websites be your life and don’t look into your profile now and then in the hope of getting a reply, rise above these petty things because your life holds a lot of surprises for you.

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