10 Signs That Show Your Boyfriend Truly Loves You



Are you one of those girls who sit in front of their laptop screens with a tissue in their hands to wipe out their tears while watching a typical rom-com movie? Are you still a believer of fairy tale where your prince would come to take you on a white horse and propose to you in an embellished carriage and then there would be placard held on the chariot with the phrase “And they lived happily ever after”? Are you lost in the dream bubble? Snap out of it dear! This is not a Disneyland, nor do you have any magical powers to wish for anything you like. This is a real world with many obnoxious people who are not going to let you live a simple and ideal life that you always dream of.

This is, in fact, a dysfunctional world where you find people who are parochial and insensitive and do not know the meaning of humanity and love. Just tell me how it can be easy for fragile girls like you to find their ultimate soul mate in this maze? There is a trend going on of building non-permanent relationships nowadays. Do you know the reason why relationships fail these days and last for just a few months or years? The answer is a lack of trust. But how do you get to know that the person you are living with is loyal to you or not? The mistake that girls always commit in relationships is that they have blind faith on their partners and give away themselves entirely to them. Listen, this is not the time when women consider their would-be husbands to be next to God. It is high time that ladies think intellectually about continuing a relationship with someone who is meant for them.

Here are some of the signs that will help you in gauging whether your boyfriend loves you or not.


1. Notice that he says “I love You ” and he means from the bottom of his heart

There is certain honesty in these words when a guy says it with full commitment and meaning. These are words that make a relationship official. So, never say “Yes” instantly to the proposal. Always test the person’s patience. If he can’t wait for your one reply for long, then how can he dedicate his whole life to you.

2. He is not desperate to sleep with you

The men are desperate to start a relationship because they know the next step is sleeping on the bed with the girl. When a guy really loves a girl, then he would never have any sexual demands from the girl until the girl is ready for it. The gestures like kissing on the forehead, cuddling are enough to show the affection that a guy has for his girlfriend. Don’t be one of many girls who have slept with the guy. If you find any such man in your life, just knock him off.

3. Words can lie, but eyes cannot lie

The guy gazes at you and you, are not aware of it, this seems so unbelievable.  Don’t believe in anything that the guy says, just dig into the intensity of his eyes and you’ll know whether he is lying to you or not. Don’t fall those cheesy lines from movies like “I can get stars and the moon for you”, “You seem different”, etc. These may be one of those lines that the guy must have spoken to thousands of other girls. You will find a perfect loving boyfriend if you can read his eyes properly.

4. Respects you and your decisions

Men are known for their arrogance. If your boyfriend is ready to break his ego for you and respects you as a woman, then he is eligible to be called your boyfriend. If the man tries to suppress you and your decisions and argues for even petty things, then there is something wrong with his mentality. Such a man would never let you chase your dreams in future. Don’t let that happen! Let the guy love you for who you are and how you look – even if you wear braces or goofy glasses or like to over-do make-up. That is you and if he loves you let him accept you the way you are.

5. He does the things your way

It is said “Opposites attract”, but once you build a relationship, you develop a desire to make your loved one happy by doing things his/her way. Say, if you like to keep the whole house maintained – the wardrobe properly arranged, shoes in the shoe rack, etc.  – and your boyfriend starts adapting himself to that surroundings,  then definitely he heads over heels.

He turns from a beast to a sophisticated gentleman, what else do you expect from a man?

6. Communication should not be a barrier

The men always complain about girls being overly sensitive and caring. Yes, they are. So what? It is their character trait. Women never complain when men feel shy in displaying their emotional instincts publicly! The girls send messages and make thousands of calls, not because they suspect that the guy must be hooking up with some other girl, but because they care about their safety a lot. So, if you message or call your loved one, and he does not reply instantly, and this happens very often, then this is a matter of great concern. The guy might be forgiven for missing the calls twice or thrice, but not all the time! It is not tolerable. Let the guy be worried for you, and then only he will answer you in a snap of a finger.

7. He goes giddy to make you laugh

The sense of humor is one such quality that a girl wishes for in her partner. Men are very conscious about their looks and hair-do, so if the guy comes out of that comfort zone just to see that million dollar smile on your face, then he is totally into you. If your boyfriend does stupid and idiotic gestures in front of the public to make you laugh, then, ting…tong… you have met your guy.

8. He shares your highs and lows

Sharing a relationship means sharing a life with each other. If the guy feels upset when you are sad and if he tries hard to solve your problem as if it his own problem, then he is ready to do anything for you. Girls are emotionally weaker than boys, and they believe in being an open book, so they tell everything to their boyfriends. The men at times feel tangled in a relationship, so they consider it a burden to be part of any such problems that involve their help. If you come across any such man, then just kick him out of your life.

9. Show possessive nature, but tries to hide it that he is jealous

Jealousy is one factor that always works because if a guy is comfortable watching you being with someone else, then definitely he is not bothered about you. But that does not mean that the guy tortures you for spending time with your male friends and poses many restrictions on you. He is your boyfriend, not your boss. Don’t let him be one. When a man is concerned about his lady, then he becomes protective when he thinks that any danger is following her beloved. A girl always looks for 1% of an impression of her father in her soul mate. So, if the guy does not give you such vibes, then he is not the Mr. Perfect.

10. Talk about your future with him

When the guy starts talking about your relationship in a serious manner and gives you a glimpse of how your future is going to be together, then definitely he is in love with you. When a guy says that “I want to grow old with you” and he means it, then he is deeply, madly, and passionately in love with you. A guy who talks about the future is the one who is really determined to commit him to you and spend the rest of his life with you. Such a man is never afraid to speak about his love with his parents and anybody else. You can picture yourself with him in a photo frame that depicts the age of your eternal love.

Happy Ending

These ten points are just a few of the many indicators that can be used to judge your boyfriend’s faithfulness. These signs really work if you are ready to take off your spectacles that have no transparency in them and have been stained by the fake promises of your boyfriend. Just stop looking for “Ryan Gosling” (a lovable protagonist from NOTEBOOK movie) in your partner because that sort of creation is not manufactured by God. Every person has flaws, but the point is how prepared are you to crush them and become a better and refined person for someone else. It is important to believe in the utopian world, but it is unfortunate to say that no such thing exists in real life. Just come to reality and make sure that you choose the best life-partner for you who turns out to be your “true love”. Let the guy love you for who you are and what you do.

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