How do you know that a girl has started falling for you? This is one big question that keeps nagging the men when they don’t get the response from the girl they like. Are you one such man who dated thousands of girls, but when the special person enters your life, then suddenly your fuse is gone, and you are not able to understand her feelings for you? The women are very shy to confess their love to anyone. It is so difficult for men to dig inside the heart of ladies. The girls try to camouflage their feelings to make the guys restless to know the truth about them. But just like men, there are certain nuances that will confirm the girl’s approval to the relationship.

Here are 10 tips that will assure you that the love bug has just not bitten you, but the girl as well.


1. She chooses to sit next to you

When the girl is into you, then she will not leave an opportunity to sit beside you, whether it is in a theater or normally while chilling out with friends. She wants you to stick around you, and that is why she never lets you go away from her even an inch. She will spend the time watching you close to her and believing that she is safe with you.

2. Her response to your talks

No matter how poor jokes you crack, she will still admire the beauty of your joke. She will laugh at your babbles and will make you feel that your talks mean a lot to her. She will seek the chance when you start conversing with her and try to flirt with her. She wants to be intrigued by the sugar-coated talks and develops an affinity for your voice.

3. She stalks you with her eyes

The way girls love their guys to look into their eyes with love; the same is followed the other way round. You might not notice it, but she adores you with her eyes by freezing her eyeballs on you. She creates a world of imagination for her where she lives with you happily. Her dream cloud can be seen in her eyes. When she stares at you and you accidentally look upon her, then she pretends not to see you. This will prove that she has the hots for you.

4. She loves to fight with you

She engages in fights, as in cute little arguments, just to talk to you. She would definitely not want you to be violent, but she likes to tease you about something and wants to grab your attention to her. She indulges in such stupid things to make you laugh and bring out your real face to others, which is not that of a grumpy man.

5. She opens up to you

She likes to share her personal life incidents with you, having the faith in you that you will not let the cat out of the bag. She trusts you so much that she wants to wipe out all the walls of differences and be honest with each other. She wishes to sit on a beautiful sunset site and share her secrets with you while twirling her hair.

6. She notices your dress more often

She comments on your dressing style and notices the collection of your wardrobe. She keeps a track of color of the clothes that you wear. You will be shocked to know that she even remembers the day when you were wearing your green T-shirt! She wants to pick outfits for her that compliments both of you. She visualizes both of you as a pair.

7. She loves to hold your hand and cuddle you

She does not know about the erotic love, but she loves your touch. That is why she tries to convince you to hold her hand and stay right next to her. Your hug is more special to her than any friendly hug she gets. She feels the warmth in your love when you embrace her.

8. Curious to know more about you

She is inquisitive to know everything about you, so she even listens to all your boring talks. She wants to memorize the list of your likes and dislikes. She wants to be the first to alert you before you eat anything allergic to you. She wants to keep a check on everything that involves you.

9. Tries to show her concern by doing things your way

She entirely devotes herself to you and thus, she wants to do whatever you like her to do. She may not be an adventure lover, but she commences sports, just to prove her love for you. She impresses you by making your favorite dishes. Her concern is reflected in her behavior when she seems low when she does not see you for one day.

10. Your opinion matters to her the most

In a friend circle, she does not bother about the viewpoints of others, but your opinions mean the world to her. If somebody else compliments her, she takes it lightly, but when you compliment her, she will have no control on her legs and start dancing in private where nobody can see her rejoice. Your words have a deep impact on her, if you get blown on her because of some other reason, then she will be torn into pieces.

Is she ready?

So, all the guys out there, do you notice these signs in your beloved? No, poor you! Don’t be depressed; there are many girls who will fall head over heels for you. Nevertheless, these tips will act as a detector in finding out whether the girl has a thing for you or not. So, if the girl in your life does not show these signs, then you don’t be despondent, just be brave and ask her out to make things clear. These signs are nothing when your love weighs way more than infatuation. So, don’t let your love be stained by any foolish acts. Love her like you have never loved anyone before.

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