10 Signs That Show That It’s Time To Move Out From A Relationship



Life offers you some happy moments which leave you in prosperity, but those happy moments are balanced by the days of melancholy in life. The human beings always curse the bad times. But have you ever realized that how could you have differentiated between the good and bad times when you have not experienced the latter? To acknowledge the elation in life, you must have the courage to face the worst. In relationships as well, there are times when things don’t work out between the two, and you are left with nothing in the end. But how do you know that the forlorn time of your life is standing just outside your door? Here are some signs that will make realize that it is time for you to move on from your relationship and find a new purpose of life:


1. When your partner tries to overpower you

When your partner tries to rule your life, and he/she wants to manipulate your life and your decisions, then he is no longer the same person who started dating. Being in a relationship does not give you the charge of someone’s life, and if you think that your partner has the key to controlling you, then it is a call for you to break up with him/her.

2. When the ex of your partner enters again into his/her life

When the previous lover(s) enter in your partner’s life, then you must become vigilant because the ex must have come back with the intention of stealing your partner. If you think that your old love seems to revive between your partner and the ex, then you must step back and call off the relationship.

3. When your partner forces you to turn this platonic love into sexual one

If your partner says that he/she is fed up of the platonic relationship and wants to be intimate with you despite your refusal, then you are just a toy for that person and nothing more. A relationship is an emotional bond than a physical bond.

4. When your partner changes and wants to change you too

If you notice that your partner as changed and he/she no longer cares about you, then you are highly mistaken in choosing your perfect partner. You must realize all that time your partner has been wearing a mask and the person you fell in love with was not the one for you.

5. When your partner brings out the worst in you

Love is about growing old with your partner. But more than that, it is about repairing the flaws of each other. Love witnesses de-growth when the two individuals lack compatibility. When your partner fosters your vices, then he/she is not a good partner. It must act as a ringing bell for you, and you must escape from such trap.

6. Your partner seems to pay attention to other things than you

It does not mean that your partner leaves all his work and takes care of you. It simply means that you no longer remain his priority in his life, and that might happen because of the entrance of a new companion in your partner’s life.

7. Your relationship brings you grief

If your relationship is not accepted by others, or your togetherness hurts your well-wishers, then such love is prone to face failures in life. If you always cry being around your partner, and there is no one to console you, then you must get out of such suffocation.

8. The present condition is not fine

If you keep reminiscing about your past moments because your present status of the relationship is not fine, then it is an indicator of failure. You must live in the present and not try to make yourself happy with old college days.

9. Your relationship is a threat to your career

If your relationship abstains you from pursuing your dreams or your partner gets into the way of your success, then such kind of relationship should come to an end. Your career should always be your priority as it will give you your independence.

10. When both the individuals sense failure in the relationship

When both of you feel that there is something lacking in the relationship, there is nothing left to retain the bond; then it is high time that you discontinue your relationship. If both accept the breaking of glass between the two, then there is no point of calling it a relationship.

Are these points seen in your relationship?

Do these signs scare you? Don’t worry, not every relationship ends up abruptly. Every cloud has a silver lining, and you will definitely recover from the grief that your partner had left you with. A relationship is just a part of your life; it is not your whole life. If one relationship failed, that does not mean that there is no one else for you on this planet. You are destined to be with someone, and that someone will sooner or later enter your life in search of you.

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