10 Signs That Your Relationship May Be A Rebound Relationship



There are relationships that are happy, bitter, sorrowful, unexpected, or unrealistic. The relationships bring with it a lot of distractions. You must have heard that people forget to eat food and drink water when they are in love. Nobody knows what actually happens unless they themselves have experienced it. Every relationship has highs and lows, and you have stick to your partner to sustain it. But, just imagine what if you are not in an actual relationship, but in a situation in which somebody is goofing around with you with no feelings for you? Would you call that love? No, it is not. It is called a rebound relationship. In such relationships, the people are meant for each other, and they are together because they have nowhere else to go. Failure in such relationship is imminent to happen because eventually, the two people realize that they have no scope together. Here are 10 signs that will give a green signal that you are in a rebound relationship:


1. If your partner has recently been through a break-up

If you are well aware of the fact that your partner has just recovered from a serious relationship, then be cautious because your companion may not have erased his/her ex from the mind that easily. Don’t engage in the relationship with any such heartbroken person at an instant. It is suggested because there are people who make new relationships in the hope of making their exes jealous. So, you don’t want to be a part of their plan. Right?

2. The exes seem to be in touch with your partner

Talking about the ex is fine, but you can neglect the coincidence when your partner accidentally runs into his/her ex. If your partner frequently says that “You know I met her with her new boyfriend” or “I went to drama show and guess who budged in? My ex.” This is not what you call serendipity; there is definitely something wrong with your boyfriend.

3. When your partner talks about his/her ex

The ex-problem is always hung around the neck of those are not in a serious relationship.  You might notice that your partner talks in praise of his/her ex like million times. If he/she says “My ex used to love pink color”, or “She was very fond of music just like me,” then there is something fishy.

4. Your partner doesn’t give a damn about you

If you go out for shopping with your guy, and you show him the dresses, and responses in “Hmmm,” then what would you figure out of this situation? If it happens occasionally, then it is ok, but if your partner does not take any interest in any of your works, then what? You have to make sure that he/she cares about you, or you should ask him/her directly what do he/she want from the relationship? Issue sorted out.

5. The actions don’t reflect his/her feelings about you

If your partner does not show his/her love through his/her gestures, then you must become suspicious about your partner’s contribution to the relationship. If you think you are only one doing so much for him/her and not getting anything in return, then it may be because the guy/girl is not into you and he/she is messing around with your life to pass his leisure time.

6. Your partner never does anything to make you feel special

If you think that your partner has never given that place to you that man/woman has in the heart of his/her soul mate, then you must quit. Your relationship will not work out. Two people unite to lighten up each other’s lives, and if that does not happen, then there is no point of being stuck in such relationship.

7. You feel alone despite being in relationship

If you are in a state of melancholy despite the presence of someone in your life, then you are definitely in a rebound relationship. The reason why such relationships are short-term is that the two people lack the sense of compatibility and togetherness that is quintessential for a union.

8. Your partner’s behavior shows how desperately he/she needs a partner

It means that your partner shows that he/she always needs someone to console him/her. In simple words, your partner wants to say that having someone in his/her life is his/her weakness. That is why he/she is always in a relationship, be it for few days, months or few years.

9. Your mate wants to publicize your relationship with him/her

If your partner genuinely accepts you as his/her special friend, then he/she will not force you to declare your love in public. It would be enough for him/her to know your feelings about him/her. If your partner is very zealous about uploading pictures with you online and creating a lovey-dovey visual of your relationship with him/her in front of others, then it is not love.

10. When your partner pretends to be someone he/she is not

When you meet someone who acts a bit different from what he/she is in real, then he/she is not honest with you. In a relationship, trust is the key, and if you begin a relationship by keeping your identity under wraps, then it is not worth giving a shot.

Get out of the relationship if it is a rebound

Do you think your present boyfriend/ girlfriend is just hanging out with you because there is no one else he/she finds to be creepy with? These signs will not only alert you to escape from such meaningless relationship, but it teaches you a lesson that relationships are at times not as easy as you think they are. If you are a victim of such relationship, then learn from your past and from now onwards, don’t let anyone treat you like a dirt bag. You have your own life ahead, and you can’t waste it by longing for someone’s love.

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