10 Sites to Get Useful Photoshop Actions

10 Sites to Get Useful Photoshop Actions

Photographs are one of the most effective mediums to capture moments. And to have those memories in multiple photographic styles is a craze these days. Photoshop tools give us just the right direction in achieving that. Editing and retouching images were never this easy until Photoshop actions came into existence. These days actions are easy to install, and you are just a click away from refurbishing your old photos into trendy, fashionable ones. Please do read our last tutorial on changing hair color in photoshop here

Here is a list of 10 good quality websites that can get you just the kind of Photoshop actions you would kill for!

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    Adobe Photoshop

Remember the good old 90’s? That’s when this brilliant piece of photograph editing software found the light of the day. This is the most common Photoshop software available till now and the oldest one too.While most of the features available are free of cost, there are a few actions which might cost you a few dollars but are totally worth your money. Adobe is the most trustworthy brand out there that you can get. So if you are looking for quality and are low on budget, go for Adobe!

  1. Net

Want to remove glares and reflections in your photos? PhotographyPla.Net is just the place you need to be at. Most actions on this website have to be purchased. But to assure you, you get a fine quality of Photoshop actions that will attract you to this website almost instantly. This is a useful resource for photographers who are in search of good quality editing.

There are a number of free actions, and a larger bundle of actions which are made available to newsletter subscribers for free. Each set is reasonably priced from $15 – $60.

  1. Shutter Pulse

If you are looking for large variety of Photoshop actions and Lightroom Presets at low prices, Shutter Place is your thing! On this website, you could find 16 different sets of Photoshop actions (300 actions overall) and 14 different sets of Lightroom Presets (330 presets total). The prices are surprisingly less ranging from a $5 to $15. You could also get a free bundle comprising of 20 actions, and 20 presets if you subscribe to their emails. Great, isn’t it? What are you waiting for?

  1. Presets Galore

If you are looking for a free website from where you could select actions and presets, we would recommend you to go for Presets Galore. Perhaps, the best in the selection of freebies, Presets Galore provides you with the chance to grab those great looking presets for free. Even though they don’t sell Photoshop actions, the premium Lightroom Presets available can amaze you by yards.

  1. DeviantArt

Ever seen those fancy superhero characters in their redesigned avatars, popping up on your Facebook wall, courtesy your friends of friends? It’s time all the comic and passionate photo lovers started pulling their ways into this wonderful website. It has the largest collection of free Photoshop actions that you will find anywhere, the only drawback being the quality of free downloads available.  But this is one to give a try for at least once! Who knows you may fall for it?

  1. Photoshop Tutorials

This website teaches you how to take quality photographs and the steps involved in a good level editing and retouching. Given that, it does have some free Photoshop actions for you to download. All the actions are also categorically sorted out to enable a good experience.

The Lite bundle, offered for free, has 3 Instagram effects and 4 Prestalgia effects while the $5 Pro bundle offers 19 Instagram effects and 25 Prestalgia Effects. So you see, on either side, you are the one who gains!

  1. MCP Actions

This website is one of the most user-friendly websites available. So if you are someone who doesn’t have a knack for spending time on surfing to get Photoshop actions done, this is what you must check out. It is extremely consistent and gives an enjoyable experience to you with faster editing. It also teaches you how to capture and post process images with relative ease. Free Photoshop video tutorials also help you through learning the details of editing and retouching.

Most sets are priced above $100. So if you are looking for quality at the expense of money, you have what you want now.

  1. Brusheezy

This website is the perfect place to explore and admire the creations of different artists from around the world. All resources available on this website are free and subject to license agreements; you can put them to use in any of your projects. And if you are creative in Photoshop actions, this is the right place to showcase your Photoshop resources. You could also find a Photoshop action suited to your taste quite easily.

  1. Florabella Collection

This website is more suited for professional photographers. Almost a majority of Photoshop action sets are priced above a $100. This primarily caters to the taste of professional photographers who edit hundreds of photographs at one go. The effects are very natural and fine. The site also has some free tutorials for guiding you through the process of retouching photos.

  1. Look Filter

Put together and recommended by the World’s best photographers, this website allows editing of photos and images with ease. Professional presets available can process an entire photo shoot in one style. The Photoshop action sets are priced from $30 to $135. Some free Photoshop actions and Lightroom Presets are available for trial. This website also has video tutorials just like a few others mentioned above. You also get high-class edited images that make you look good in any way possible.

These are the 10 websites you could look into for high-class quality Photoshop editing and retouching. There are probably many others too, but these stand out among the rest.

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