10 Reasons Why You Should Get Married To Your Best Friend



A friend in need is a friend indeed. You must have heard this phrase in your English lectures, right? What if, that friend whom you trust the most turns into someone more than a friend? What do you want from a life partner – trust, fun, space, and loyalty – everything that a friend has? Then why do we say that a person who is friend zoned once, then he/she loses the chance of being a soul mate? Imagine, how great it would be if you marry your best friend? People say that two friends get married only when they fail to find someone as their partner. But actually, they don’t know that marrying a friend is the best way to overcome all the loopholes that are generally found in a relationship. If you don’t know the benefits of being in relationship with your friend, then you must read the below-mentioned points to upgrade your knowledge:


1. No awkwardness

There is no point of being bashful to your partner because you have been hanging out for a long time. The discomfort that you face while dating a stranger would vanish. You just have to be yourself in front of your friend. The dilemma of friendship and love would solve once you accept the fact that your friend has gained that respect being called your partner in your eyes.

2. You already know your partner inside out

If you dress like a tomboy, but on the inside, you are delicate as a feather, then this trait might bother your partner if he/she is not your friend. But a friend knows you from every aspect, and he/she would not be judgmental about your strengths and weaknesses. So, the animosity between you two is likely to be kept on the back burner.

3. Being together is like chilling out

At times, when you go out on a blind date, you realize what mistake you have committed because your date turns out to be a nightmare. It is the juncture of your life when you realize that just roaming with anyone is not what you want from a relationship, you desire and deserve something better. For you, outing with your partner who is a friend to you first would be an experience of a lifetime.

4. Better understanding

You have tuning that only the ideal couples can have. When you are married to the person who understands you and your tantrums, then what else do you want from a partner? Your companionship will prove to be the epitome of love for others.

5. No problem in having a platonic relationship

You don’t need to hurry up to take the relationship to the next level unless your partner is ready. You get this liberty only in friendship cum love relationship. You would not be desperate to sleep with the person too early because the bond that you two share is just perfect the way it is, you don’t have to do anything more to turn it into something special.

6. Conflicts resolve in no time


As friends, you must have got indulged in many arguments and fights, and you must have apologized very easily to earn the friendship back, so in a relationship also the conflicts would not take a long time to resolve. You would know the trick to making your partner happy and get the smile on your partner’s face. You don’t have to weep sitting beside the window thinking about the reconciliation.

7. There is no such thing as adjustment


When you are a victim of arranged marriage, then you are stuck with the person, and you feel like incarcerated for the rest of your life. So, to avoid such consequences, you should marry your friend because then you would not have to make compromises and you will sail smooth. Your mutual understanding would help you in sorting the issues that arise in future.

8. Silly conversations are absolutely fine

When you are married to a stranger, then you become conscious about the way you present yourself in front of him/her. But in the case of getting married to your best friend, talking about your crushes and your other personal stuff would not be a weird conversation for you. You don’t have to use any fake accent or talk in a sophisticated way to attract the person because he/she already knows who and what you are.

9. There is no nagging

When the two individuals are not friends to each other, then one of them becomes the boss and yells all the time. When you are in a relationship with your friend, then there is no such discrepancy because both know that nobody likes to be the controller of the marriage. They don’t judge each other for anything and stay calm and composed. They don’t shout on one another for not folding the clothes or not cleaning the wardrobe. They just let the love talk.

10. You don’t have to do the live-in drama

You don’t have to do the formality of moving in with your partner to get to know him/her better. You have already mastered the compatibility test while you were friends with your partner. You just have to go with the flow. Remember how Chandler and Monica get along in F.R.I.E.N.D.S. You don’t have to push hard on yourself.

Have a Best Friend? Then……

Imagine if your 10 years old friendship turns into a marriage, then coming years of your life would be lived in peace. Marrying a friend is the best option to solidify your relationship because you are aware of the real colors of your partner, and you don’t have to make extra efforts to impress him/her. The marriage would be perpetual only if you two understand each other deep down. A friend only offers a helping hand to you when you are in danger. It is said that in a relationship, you might lose love in between you two, but you must not let the friendship bond be broken ever.


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