10 Signs That Prove That You Are More Caring In Your Relationship



Have you ever come across any situation where you felt you were alone despite being in a relationship? Do you feel that you leave no stone unturned in a relationship while your partner does not care about it at all? If yes, then definitely you are a victim of a relationship, where you are the only one who is into the relationship. Relationships, are about give and take bond, and if only one person becomes the giver and the other does not reciprocate in the same way, then there is not the point of pursuing that relationship forward. If you think that your partner is not interested in making the relationship work, or your partner treats you like a shack, then you must get yourself out of that relationship.

Here are 10 points that will prove that you are more caring than your partner in your relationship:


 1. You are the first one to wish him/her on his/her birthday

It is generally the problem with guys because they don’t track of such records as birthdays, anniversary, etc. but if someone is important to you and your life, then you must remember some peculiar details about their lives. If you throw a birthday bash for your partner and your partner does not even remember to send you wishes on your birthday, then definitely it will hurt you to the core.

 2. You are the only one who does special things for the partner

A person becomes ready to sacrifice him/herself to someone only when he/she commits to that person. If you take your partner for a candle light dinner or prepare a special meal at home for your partner and your partner never takes a little bit of pain in arranging such memorable things for you, then how would you feel then? Do you think a person who loves you would like you to be upset?

 3. You are the one who always consoles your partner in his/her hard times

You are right beside your partner whenever he/she needs you, but your companion is always making an excuse for not being able to make it up. How is it possible that only you spare time for the partner and he/she does not have a microsecond for you? This is completely unfair!!!

 4. Your partner expects you to take care of everything

Your partner leaves everything up to you, not because he/she trusts you so much but because he/she does not wish to be a part of the drama. He/she always wants you to make weekend plans instead of giving surprises. Do you think your partner is very innocent? Then please give it a second thought!

 5. You are the one who frequently apologizes

It is an appropriate scale to gauge the seriousness of your partner towards the relationship. If you commit a mistake, then you say sorry for it. Fair enough. But if your partner does something wrong, then also you are the one who bows down in front of him/her. Do you think your partner is your master, and you are his/her slave that you have to move as per his/her instructions?

 6. You are quickly gratified with your partner’s apology

It is not just about apologizing; it is also about possessing a big heart to forgive the other person. Why is it you who has to dismiss your partner’s faults from your mind? Why can’t he/she be the one who buries the hatchet? Don’t you think you should stop letting the things go the way they are? You don’t have to be the God/Goddess of Forgiveness all the time.

 7. Your partner is not bothered about your work

You show interest in everything that your partner does, but he/she does not give much significance to your work. You like to paint, or you desire to have a luxurious car, he/she does not notice your likes and dislikes. Your partner has no idea of what you are doing and where you are and calls him/herself your partner with pride.

 8. You keep promises made to our partner

Promises act like the strings that keep the relationship between the two individuals intact. But if only you understand the meaning of the vows, and he/she breaks them now and then considering them to be mere words that mean nothing, then you are dating a wrong guy/girl.

 9. You are treated as labor in the relationship

You are supposed to share the happy and sad times with your partner, but you are certainly the only one tethering the tangles. If you wish to polish your partner’s boots, maintain his/her wardrobe for the rest of your life, then I must tell you that you are just a maid to your partner and nothing else.

 10. You are the driver of the relationship

You are the one who envisages the future of the relationship. If your partner is not participating in planning your dream house and you are sick of his/her frequent mood swings, then definitely your relationship lacks compatibility. You are the only person in the relationship who wants to make efforts for the betterment of the status of the relationship, but it will not come true unless your partner contributes to it.

What do you think you are in your relationship? Are you the one who longs for love or the one who does not give a damn about it? Just like a marriage doesn’t work singlehandedly, same is in the case of relationships. This association between two souls is the extension of love, and you can’t just get over with it by forming a relationship. If you are with someone, then you are not doing any favors to them, you have to prove your love and concern for them. So, be a little attentive towards your partner and save your relationship from getting ruptured.


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