10 Questions To Be Asked To Yourself Before Deciding To Marry Your Love



Love is the purest feeling in this world, and marriage is a pious institution that binds the love of two souls. Everyone looks forward to the wedding day when they are going to unite with the love of their life, but, there is a long period of examination that you have to pass to enter this zone of affiliation. Before getting married, it is important to gauge you and your partner and the level of understanding between you two. Why is it so important to contemplate before marriage? It is marriage, not a wedding. The wedding is just a public announcement of your union where you put on the best outfits and do the rituals. But marriage is the commitment that you make to your soul mate to spend the rest of the life happily with him/her. It is about letting somebody else become more important to you than yourself. It is an onerous job to make a marriage work successfully for years.

So, here are 10 questions that you need ask yourself before getting married:


 1. Is it the right time?

Is the wedding taking place at the right time and place? This is the most commonly asked questions by the would-be wives and husbands. Is your career coming in between your love or is it the pressure from the family members that you are forcing yourself to do it? It is vital to know that marriage is just a stamp to make your love official. If you think it is too early to get married and take the responsibilities of babies, then call off the wedding.

 2. Does your partner really love?

Is it real true love or just a cupboard love done for some benefit? You have to know your heart and judge the actual intention of getting marriage. If you think that you are making a mistake by tying the knot with your childhood’s best friend because you thought that he/she would become your life partner, then don’t do it. Your heart is very delicate, and it slips out of your hand now and then, don’t let it misguide you.

 3. Will he/she leave me at the altar?

Do you think the person will leave the venue on the very day of your wedding? It is not a movie that the actor would leave the wedding place simply by saying that “I don’t love you anymore.” If you fear that your partner might be a coward, and he/she might leave alone like that, then don’t take the risk of attaching your strings with such a person.

 4. Are you financially stable to be settled in a marriage?

Marriage is not just about the love between two individuals. In order to lead a prosperous life, you have to think about the expenses of the house, it is very difficult to manage all that. If you think that you are prepared for the change, and you are psychologically and commercially secure to let the boat sail smoothly, then only go for it.

 5. Are you ready to sleep with the same man/woman for the rest of your life?

If you have really fallen head over heels for the person, and you are aware that every morning you are going to see the same face sleeping next to you, then only you can survive this association. If you have set in your mind that you want babies from the same guy/girl, then you must not wait for anything. Just get married.

 6. Are you ready to keep him/her at priority No. 1?

Are you ready to sacrifice your life to someone else? Do you think you can share your life most precious memories with that one person? If yes, then you are 100% ready for marriage. Your preferences in life change once you have someone in your life. So, you become “We” from “I” and you must realize the significance “we” in life.

 7. What is the meaning of marriage for you?

Why don’t we let children get married at an early age? The simple reason is they are immature, and they don’t know what marriage means to the lives of two individuals. If you are ready to bear the sweet and bitter repercussions of marriage and know what your future holds for you, then you can consider yourself an eligible candidate to get married.

 8. Are you prepared to indulge in the husband-wife arguments?

You know when two people meet; they are bound to have clashes. Think about the people who live together. Obviously, they will fight. So, if you don’t want to face such conflicts, or you are not prepared for such confrontations, then you must take your step back.

 9. Have you made up your mind to say goodbye to your bachelor/bachelorette life?

After marriage, there are definitely some restrictions that you have to bear like minimizing your visits to pubs and clubs, or boozing with your friends at midnight, so, if you can bid farewell to all these, then you can live a happy married life. If you want to continue the fun, then please give up this thought of marriage for a decade.

 10. Do you believe that your partner will never betray you?

If you have even a pinch a suspicion that your partner might ditch you in future, then don’t let that fear come true. Give some time to your relationship and know each other well, then get married. You can’t take the risk of letting your partner engage in any extra-marital affair just because he/she is bored of you.

Are you ready to take the most impeccable step of your life?

Do you think your boyfriend will become a monster after marriage? Or your girlfriend would boss around you after she gets the hold of the house? Or you think that your in-laws would loot you by taking dowry? Then don’t get married. It is better to turn into a misogamist than being a victim of failed marriage. These 10 questions are meant to be asked by every individual, trust me they will definitely influence your decision in a good way. Rethink twice and thrice before getting married!

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