10 Signs That Love At First Sight Has Happened To You



There is not the era of Romeo-Juliet, it is the 21st century and finding your true love, at first sight, is next to impossible. You may or may not believe in this concept of “LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT.” But there are some people who commenced the quest of their soul mates, and they ended up in finding their perfect match at the first sight. This saying seemed to have dyed in the wool, and it is the first explanation of love given to any immature person. Those who firmly believe in it, think that they are the most fortunate people to be blessed with an intense feeling. Have you ever thought that you would find your love in the same way? Do you think that your loved one would be drooling over you just after he/she gets your glimpse? Whatever be your answer, you definitely have an idea of what I am talking about. If you think you have experienced it or even if you have not, then here are 10 signs for you to figure out whether you have encountered love at first sight or not.

The below-mentioned signs will tell you that you that you have been through such tickle or not:


 1. You gaze at the person

When you see the person, and you just can’t take your eyes off him/her, then you are surely mesmerized by the person. You have developed some affinity for the person that you can’t deny. You become a muse of his/her appearance, and you can’t resist his/her natural beauty. You are undoubtedly in love with the person.

 2. Serendipity

When you see someone at a place, and you buzz into the person again, then it is surely not a coincidence. You might seem surreal, but it may be a call from God that your life partner is right in front of you, and you can’t recognize him/her. Do you happen to know the film “Two Weeks’ Notice” or its remake in Hindi “Kismat Konnection”; then you would know what I am pointing towards.

 3. Tend to come to the same coffee shop where you saw him/her the first time

When you are developing some fondness for the person at an instant, then you unknowingly make efforts to find the person the next at the same spot. Say, you saw him/her in a Central Park, then you might come to the place at the same time in the hope of having a squint of him/her again. You don’t realize it, but you have developed a feeling for him/her.

 4. You can’t stop thinking about his/her face

When you get the picture of the person registered in your mind, and you can’t take it out, then your love is plainly blooming in you. You might make some simile and metaphorical statements in praise of his/her like “She appears like a dew drop on the leaves”, or “He is the knight of my life” etc. You are obsessed with him/her. This day-dreaming would not stop until you confess your feelings to him/her.

 5. You like someone’s character instantly

You have fallen for his/her traits at the first acquaintance. You might be attracted to the way he/she shares a cordial bond with his/her parents or the way he/she respects the elderly people. It is an indicator that you have cultivated some strong feelings for the person.

 6. Your first confrontation leaves great impact on you

The first sight love may not always formulate from a sugar-like meeting. You might engage in some small arguments with the person like conflict over the violation of traffic rules. Such bitter conversation starts, at times, converts into passionate love. You might not forget the person’s face because of the dispute and you can’t help remembering that time over and over again.

 7. You become restless

When you fall in love with someone at a glance, then your instincts don’t allow you to sleep and eat properly. It is almost like you have your exam next day and you can’t have a meal because you have butterflies in your stomach. You behave in this manner because you fear that you might not see the person ever again in your life and your love story would remain incomplete.

 8. When there is just dead air between you two

You forget about the people around you, and your eyes are glued to that person. There is a pleasing silence between you two that creates a magnetic attraction between you two. You pacify your heart by his/her look, and your eyes are blind to the whole world.

 9. You are lost in his/her eyes

The intensity of his/her eyes will intoxicate you. You would wish to drop into the ocean of his/her love that you see in his/her eyes. Eyes are the most prominent features of the human body, and they have the power to drive someone crazy. So, if you look at the person, and he/she notices you back with a smile, then definitely, the heartbeats are pounding from both the sides.

 10. Your mind starts to visualize your future with him/her

It happens when you have been victims of many rejections, and you have given up the hope of finding your soul mate. So, when you meet the person, you become spell-bound. You frame him/her as your future husband/wife. You become so positive about the future of your love that you become overly excited for the approval of marriage.

Have all this ever happened with you?

So guys, if you have experienced any of these signs mentioned above, then you are blessed with the coming roses. And if not, then you don’t make a puppy face and cry for not being the LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT experience holder. It is just a feeling that occurs on its own; it is not a degree that officially proclaims you as a lover. So, don’t waste your life in yearning for such love, just let it happen.

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