10 Chor Bazaars From All Over The World To Buy Expensive Things At Cheap Prices


“When things get tough, Go shopping,” said the wisest person.

If you are stressing over the price and you’re low on cash, Chor bazaar and street shops are always at the rescue. Listed below are some of the best Chor Bazaars from India and abroad that will offer you incredible deals for even more amazing products which look very costly, but the difference is you get them at very low prices.



  1. Mutton Street, Mumbai


Mumbai is famous for street shopping and Chor Bazaars. It is known as the big brother of all the Chor bazaars around for over 150 years. From vintage posters to antique furniture and not to forget second-hand clothes to first copies of luxury brand products, Mumbai Chor Bazaar offers you anything and everything from the hair to the toe. You will find all kind of stuff which you may get at a triple price in the big malls. This market offers all the luxurious brands at a very low price.

  1. Chickpet market, Bengaluru


It is a popular market in Bengaluru. You can call it a gem of Bengaluru, and it happens to be one of the oldest commercial hubs of this city. Chickpet also sells amazing stuff at very dirt low prices. This one makes an image of a good street market as you can strike a real bargain here when it comes to clothes and artificial jewelry. This market has some shops dealing with silk sarees. You should have good bargaining skills and then you have plenty of stuff to buy from here.

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  1. Chandni Chowk, Old Delhi


Who has not heard this name before? Everyone has. Each one of us knows about Chandni Chowk. Right? It is no mystery to you that this place is another world itself. Chandni Chowk has the best parathas and all the other shopping stuff too. With every new lane in this market comes a new adventure. It is nestled in squeezed up lanes behind the magnificent Red Fort. This market is famous for clothes and hardware with a handful amount of antique sellers here and there.

For all the fashionistas stuck in a crunch money situation, this is your happy place. You get all the branded stuff here. Be it traditional or western. All the branded traditional copies from Manish Malhotra, Sabyasachi Mukherjee, would astound you. Not to forget you can also find branded shoes from Woodland, Zara, and even Steve Madden at unbelievable prices. It also serves you old Delhi food which you can’t even think of missing.

  1. Soti Ganj, Meerut


People who love cars and bikes more than anything else this is a place for them. It is the largest automobile scrap market in North India. Apparently cars that get stolen from Delhi and all the northern cities are disassembled here and then their spare parts are sold at low prices. From Maruti 800 to Rolls Royce, you can find any spare part of any car you name here. Another cool thing about this place is that you can buy jeeps used by retired army officials for just Rs 30,000. Buy spare parts and make your machine.

  1. Pudupet market, Chennai


This market is for the automobile lovers from the south. You can get auto spare parts and customized cars here. This market is a car fanatic. It is just like the markets you see in Bollywood movies, Shady mafia and smuggling stories revolving around.


  1. Les Puces de Saint- Paris, France


Les Puces is one of the oldest markets in the world, and the story of its origin is also fascinating. Back in the 1800s when the rag pickers were evicted from the main cities, they took up residence here in Saint Ouen, and this place is located on the outskirts of the city. They started selling all the interesting stuff they would find from the heaps of trash in the city. Then the vendors started selling stolen goods, and it became a good shopper’s destination. It is one of the largest street markets and Chor Bazaar. It gives a very hippy vibe unlike the culture in Paris.

  1. Lascar Row, Hong Kong


We all are aware of the rich heritage of China. In this market, you may get fake Chinese antiques, and if you are lucky, enough you may find some original ones too. Back in the old days, this area was known for criminal activities and uncivilized behaviors. But now this is the coolest tourist spot in Hong Kong.

  1. Cave Creek’s Thieves Market, Arizona, US


It is a seasonal market. It starts from October and ends in May every year. It takes place in downtown caves Creek in Arizona. The vendors here accept a primitive culture that prevails while the market is on. Shopping fanatics and the antique lovers, they can find their place in this market. From anything that you could ever want to everything you ever get at this location. Also, this site organizes mini festivals with readers and food stalls and shopping options worth attending once in a lifetime.

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  1. Feira da Ladra, Lisbon


Feira da Ladra means the Thief Market. This market started for the very purpose of selling stolen goods. With good prices and super amazing products, this market has earned a good reputation over the years. You can get a car rental at Lisbon airport, make your way to your hotel to drop off your luggage and then head down to the market for some cool shopping opportunities. It is very crowded and is a great tourist attraction place. It offers all the antiques collected from all over the world.

  1. Khlong Thom, Bangkok


It is a night market. It acts as a blanket for all the shady business deals which goes in here. You can expect all the exclusive and extensive range of electronics that this market has to offer. If you are very active, then go deep in the market, it gives you some very promising deals. You will always find branded clothes of the last season over here and yes that too in very low prices. It is also a place to visit when you are there in Bangkok.

All the shopaholics with a small budget, here’s what India and the entire world offers you when you are low on the budget and high in Brands!

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