New Technologies are Changing the World of Handmade Craft

Changing the World of Handmade


The World of Handmade Craft

To say that technology has influenced our lives might sound cliche because, in this age when children get familiar with electronic gadgets right from birth, it needs no mention how much our lives have immersed in technology. However, when we narrate stories about how the changes that are happening, especially in lesser known areas like the creative fields of aesthetics and artistry, the story becomes quite interesting.

Changing the World of Handmade

Let us take the case of art and craft to see how technology has brought about drastic changes in craft making methods and techniques that have become more computer oriented. That computers have now become an important tool for artisans and craftsmen becomes evident when you see the popularity of several online stores like Craft Online that sells craft materials, tools, equipment and accessories of various reputed brands. From designers to artists, whether professional or amateur, everyone is now embracing technology to convert their creative ideas into reality.

Expressing Creativity by Using Technology

The traditional and trusted tools that craftsmen used to rely upon for expressing their creativity are still good but losing popularity to advanced technological tools that have infiltrated into the creative spaces.  The tools that used to be the only weapons of artists and designers are no more effective in meeting the creative demands of modern times that must churn out new creations at a much faster pace. Even if it requires replicating the same design several times with the same degree of precision and perfection just as it happens for mass-produced items, artisans and craftsmen can deliver it by using technology. They are now more familiar with handy laser tools and computer-aided designs that offer more innovative options that boost creativity.

Technology Boosts Creativity

Creativity is limited by the resources available to artists and artisans for converting ideas into reality. When they depend on traditional tools and equipment, their creative thoughts are defined by the resources available to them to give wings to their ideas.  They must think about converting the ideas by considering what available tools can do for them. This problem does not arise when using technology that provides endless creative options that were unthinkable earlier. A case in point is the easy availability of numerous fonts and typefaces on the internet that was earlier limited to the creative capabilities of calligraphic artists. Artists and craftsmen can now think much beyond their imagination and the available resources to stretch their creative minds by pushing boundaries almost infinitely.

The Transition is challenging

Moving away from traditional tools in craft making and adapting the new technological methods for expressing creative ideas is not easy but rather quite challenging. Incorporating new technology into craft is often quite challenging.  Expensive equipment and steep learning curves coupled with disapproval from fellow craftsmen about adapting the new ways by discarding the traditional methods are some of the pitfalls of transition. However, things are changing fast, and tradition is taking a backseat.

However, higher output and expansive creative options are the rewards of technology that is changing the outlook of artists and craftsmen very fast.

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