What Does A String Trimmer Do




Different factors determine the type of trimmers that will best suit you. The size of your lawn or garden and the length of the grass and weeds are some of the factors which you must consider before purchasing a trimmer. If you require light trimming, then you must go for corded trimmers. The trimmers that are corded are best for small sized lawn or garden with less number of obstacles. The trimmers that are cordless and run on the battery are more mobile. If you require a combination of power and mobility, then you must rely on gas trimmers. They are capable of covering large areas and cutting heavy grass and other objects.

This tool is a must possession for your garden, and nearly every gardener possesses one. They are used to eliminate unwanted grass and weed from your lawn or garden. The trimmer is available in three versions the electric trimmer, the battery-powered trimmer and the gasoline trimmer. The names might differ and the models too but the basic functionality of the tool remains the same. You can see a review of the best cordless edger on homegearable.com.

Facts About String trimmer

The trimmers are quite light in weight but are capable of performing heavy work. They can cut all unwanted weed and plant with the help of a microfilament string present in the trimmer. The string spins very fast and becomes so hard that it can cut all the grass in your lawn or garden. The old models of trimmer used blades made out of metals.

The users find this latest model to be very convenient and handy to use. The weight of the tool reduces with the implementation of improved technology and techniques. The old trimmers required sharpening of their metal blades very frequently but the present day trimmers require replacement of the filaments only. Another benefit of this string trimmer is that it can reach the remote areas that normal and older versions of lawnmowers cannot reach.

Discussion on Different Versions of Trimmers

The most important part of your trimmer is its engine which provides it with the power it requires to perform the cutting work. The engine uses combustion like any other gas machine to start and run. The trimmer also has an exhaust and a carburetor. You can start your trimmer machine very quickly, and there is no chance of any nuisance. You can start it with a pull-rope method which creates a spark plug fire, and the engine gets started.


You will find many trimmers that run on electricity. The electric trimmers have proved to be less powerful than gas trimmers at several occasions. Many models are limited to a string diameter of 2.5; however, they do have many benefits. You will find trimmers that have power electrically are light in weight and perform very fast and also does not require less maintenance as compared to gas trimmers.

In the present day, the trimmer manufacturers have launched different models of the electrically powered trimmers. These models are in huge demand, and the latest version of these tools is cordless. They have a battery installed in it which is rechargeable. The costs of these trimmers are a bit high and are until now the most expensive ones available in the market. You can use these trimmers for light cutting, and they are heavier than other trimmers that are corded.


Finally, when you have to choose a trimmer for your garden, you must first consider the trimming you require. If you require heavy cutting, then you should go for gas trimmers without any second thought. However, there are other options too which you can consider as every tool has some benefits as well as some drawbacks.

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