Types Of Bangs Haircut Styles That Are Trendy For 2023


Bangs are always in style, as long as you consider the shape of your face and your hair type you’ll be able to find the perfect bang to accompany any occasion.

Of course, knowing the perfect professional hair coloring in Dulwich Hill is going to help ensure you have a style that celebrities will wish they’d tried first!

In fact, adopting some bangs is a great way of changing your hairstyle without going to radical.

Let’s take a look at the bangs that are proving trendy in 2023:

Micro Bangs

Emma Watson really rocking these in early 2022, they’re effectively roughly chopped bangs that sit approximately an inch above your eyebrow.

It’s an edgy, slightly retro look and one that is proving to be a timeless classic.

Bob It

The classic bob can include bangs that finish approximately an inch above your eyebrows, effectively and stylishly combining micro bangs with a bob.

You can even try this with curvy hair, it works with almost any type of hair and face shape.

Wispy Bangs

If you fancy something a little different ask your hairdresser for some wispy bangs. These are long bangs that have a staggered look, effectively creating longer bangs at the sides to frame your face and irregular ones across the middle to maintain the look but still allow you to see.

You’ll need dead straight hair to pull this off!

Offset bangs

This is one of the looks that J-Lo really pulls off. The bangs are thicker and come down your cheek at a slight angle, helping to frame your face and draw attention to your eyes. It’s a good look.

The Curtain Bang

You’ll need to grow your micro bangs out until they are all the same length. You can then gently introduce a point, it should be wider above your nose and move into your hairline. The result is a curtain effect, separated in the middle and framing your face.

You can even add in layers to give it a more voluptuous look.

Side Bangs

As the name suggests this is bangs that sweep to one side. This was actually a very popular style between 200 and 2005 and is now popular again.

It’s best to offset the parting slightly to ensure the bangs look naturally as they sweep to the opposite side of your face.

This is also a great option if you want shorter or longer hair, it works well with both and it doesn’t matter if your hair is straight or curly.

Blunt Bangs

This is hair that is cut in a straight line and overlaps your eyebrows. They should be thicker than your average bangs and it’s worth noting they’ll take a little longer to prepare on a daily basis.

Curly Bangs

If your hair has a slight curl then get your bangs layered with a choppy finish. It’s easier to achieve by simply cutting some of the bangs shorter than the others. But, the best part is it works with all types of curly hair.

There’s plenty to choose from, just try the one you fancy most!

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