Top Secrets of the Most Productive People


There is a supreme value in getting to learn sitting in silence for a short period. Below are the
things I do daily to boost my development. From my experience, when I fail to do these things,
my day gets messed up.


1. Meditating in the Morning

Sitting in silence for a few moments has exceptional values. Take about 5-10 minutes of your
morning, preferably after hitting the shower to listen. Take note of the sounds surrounding you,
the humming of the fridge, the whirring of the fan, the sound of the wind flushing leaves, the
sound of cars, or your heartbeat. Doing this will make you hear yourself, and make you realize
the difference between rooting for more and realizing that all you need is right before you.

2. Have a healthy breakfast

Make time to have a healthy breakfast. Whether you have a morning flight or an early meeting,
always, without fail, make sure to have a healthy breakfast. Breakfast is the first meal of the day

and the most important one. It serves as the foundation of your daily activities. It helps you get
your head straight and mind right for the tasks you have set for yourself.

3. Make time to rest

In between your work or schedule, take a pause, and have a reflection of yourself. You may be
doing some work, and when you check your watch, you have spent the last two hours grinding
your brain on it. Pause and take a breather. It will help you decide what step to take next. It will
help you do things differently, time yourself, and be aware of your surrounding while at work.
People who do this rest a lot and also sleep, and that’s why they emerge so successful.

4. Manage your body

If you want a constant flow of life balance and maintain it, you have to, by all means, get back to
your body. Don’t spend time in your head for the most day. You will find yourself crunching
numbers, responding to emails, scrolling through social media pages, or writing proposals. All
these will eventually tire your brain at some point. You will need to cool down and step away
from these things and reset your body to feel better. You can achieve this by hitting the gym,
jogging, or doing some yoga.

5. Find a hobby

A hobby does not need to be vigorous. You can make music, draw images, paint, poetry; you
name them. There is so much value in making something for yourself. Having a hobby will make
you never forget that, no matter how old you grow, you still can imagine things for yourself.

6. Keep a journal

Every human should have a piece of the book where they jot experiences, daily thoughts, random
ideas, or a list of things you want to accomplish. The book will give inspirations and also make
you have a reflection of yourself when you look back at stuff you set to do and did not finish or
start. On you can find a lot of examples.

7. Read

Have a library of books. If this is hard, visit a library or borrow books. Try as hard as you can to
read. You can do it while stuck in traffic, or just before you retire to bed, instead of gluing
yourself on TV to watch a show. Read about the things you admire or are inspired with, or about
those you have an attitude against to help you get knowledge about them. Get recommendations
from people and follow up on them.

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