10 Common Phobias you know but you don’t know the exact words

Common Phobias
A phobia is defined as a constant fear of an object or situation where the concerned person will go great length to elude it. It is a form of an anxiety disorder. Phobia, in reality, has little or no actual damage. Some of the most common phobias are fear of heights, water, driving, flying, needles, etc.
Even the person who has phobia knows that it is irrational, but he can’t help but feel distressed. Generally, a phobia is developed when you are a child, but it could also evolve when you are an adult. We all have some or other kind of irrational fear that we face, and most of the time we don’t even know what those fear are called. Following are the list of the common fear people face, and yet they don’t are aware of their names.



Common Phobias

It is a very common fear of people of our generation, that is, fear of being single, forever, or marrying the wrong person. You are obsessed with the archaic ideas of a perfect life that you don’t really appreciate the life you already have. You create all these fantasies and illusions in your head that could not happen in the real world. The fear gets so worse that you find it better to stay with the wrong person.


Common Phobias

When a person has a constant need for pleasing people or needs to have their attention because he/she feels people will forget them, then it might be Athazagoraphobia. It is a phobia of being ignored or forgotten. The symptoms differ from people to people, but the general symptoms are fussiness when making a plan or when waiting for someone, getting emotionally attached to people or objects, etc. The predominant cause of this phobia is some traumatizing situation that has happened in childhood, but it could occur at any time of life.


It is a fear of being stared at. The cause can be a combination of both external as in some traumatizing instead at an early age or at a recent time or like internal heredity. The basic symptoms are common like any other phobia feeling anxious or dreadful. Anything that symbolizes panic like increased heart rate, sweating, having a problem in breathing, etc.



Women generally face obesophobia. It is the fear of gaining weight. People with this phobia have to very conscious because it could trigger other psychological shambles like eating and then immediately throwing up(bulimia) or refusing food(anorexia). Childhood miss happening could be the reason for the development of fear, or it could be because of genetic reasons.


While concern regarding a change in our life is normal, but some people face the fear of change, and this fear is called Metathesiophobia. An individual with this fear has their comfort zone and they don’t want to get out of it. It is common for them to face social anxiety as they are used to interact with lifelong friends and introducing to someone new could make them uncomfortable.


Even though with all the modern techniques childbirth is now pain-free, but women still have a fear of giving birth. This fear is known as Lockiophobia. The fear may have developed by listening to childbirth stories in the family or watching shows or movies that depict the pain of childbirth. Women facing this fear may avoid a social situation where she is likely to meet men to dodge situations that could lead to a serious relationship.



Kakorrhaphiophobia is an irrational fear of failure or defeat. A person dealing with this fear might have a constant need to show people that they are better than others. They are fiercely competitive with their friends, family, and co-workers. They always search for affirmation from people around them. The primary cause of this phobia is an experience of failure. The person dealing with this fear might have faced harsh consequences of failure.


One of the most common fears that many of us face, fear of speaking in public and exact term for this fear is Glossophobia. The person coping with this fear can feel acute anxiety before at the mere thought of speaking in public. They try to avoid meetings that require an individual’s attention. Panic attack, nausea, other sought of physical distress is the symptoms of Glossophobia.


People who have the fear of darkness have achluophobia. This fear is commonly seen in children and women. The major symptom of this fear is losing mental balance. Other symptoms include increased heart rate, sleeplessness, getting sick, etc.


Common Phobias

Claustrophobia ought to be the most common phobias that our population face. It is the fear of being confined in a closed space. This fear may have its root in some unpleasant experience at some point. The reaction to this fear differs from people to people and the level of fear. But commonly when they deal with the fear they are likely to get a panic attack and other sorts of physical distress.
We all have fears, some are serious, and some are just weird and funny. No matter how ridiculous or stupid your fear may sound, you can t avoid the fact that you have them. It is important to have knowledge of the stuff you deal with within your life. Above was the list of 10 fears that you may have but you never knew their names.

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