tips to speak professionally on phone

Being a part of numerous companies you might be subjected to calls from various people and organizations.

However, amongst hundreds of calls that you receive, there might be one call among them which can change the fate of yours or your company.

This fate can change into something good or something bad, depending upon how well you respond to it.

It is all about the professionalism as well as the commitment that you showcase. Today we mention a few tips to answer the phone in the most efficient as well as professional manner.


1. Answer the phone in minimum rings possible:

tips to speak professionally on phone
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Now, this is something that each professional should know. If it is a call on your official number, then you should deal with it with a professional attitude.

Always, try and answer any call which comes through to you in the least number of rings.

The people who are reaching out to you have chosen you over your competition and hence it is your duty to be respectful towards their emotions.

Never let any caller wait on the line and answer him in around 2-3 rings.

2. Introduce Yourself as well as the company:

tips to speak professionally on phone
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This is something that most people say they know, however, some people out there don’t.

As soon as the call is picked up by you, you ought to introduce yourself in a gentle, welcoming tone and then tell the caller the name of your company as well as your designation.

Also while introducing yourself, it is best to spell out your complete name instead of mentioning only the first or the last name.

3. Greet Your Caller and talk using professional language:

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While speaking to any of your customers or let’s say any person who calls you on your official number, be humble enough to greet them, followed by a quick introduction.

Once you have introduced yourself, then ask the other person how he wishes to be addressed.

Once you know the person, the next step is to ask him the reason for his call. Never use short cuts or slangs while talking to anyone professionally.

Words such as ‘hmm’, ‘gotcha’ etc. need to be avoided. Answer with a firm ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and be confident while talking to them.

4. Always Be Aware of your Tone:

tips to speak professionally on phone
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While answering any phone call professionally always be aware of the tone that you use. While talking to any business contact you need to make sure that you use a mild but confident tone.

The chances are that many people tend to have many things in their mind and hence aren’t aware of the tone they use.

So while talking, make sure to look around, and hence if you see people glaring at you, it’s a sign that you should lower your voice.

5. Always Have a Pen and Paper with you:

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This is one of the great habits that you being a professional should possess.

Always have a pen and paper with you at all times and in case there are any important details or messages then note it down and then cross-check the information with the caller.

Make sure you read telephone numbers and other important contact details twice before noting it down. This would prevent any errors as well as save you from any embarrassment you face.

6. Don’t keep the caller on hold for a long time:

tips to speak professionally on phone
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Never keep any caller on hold for more than 30 seconds to 1 minute. In case you think you need more time than that, then politely tell the caller that you would call him back in so and so time.

This way the business contact won’t be frustrated or angry due to excessive waiting.

7. Never Avoid Out of Hours Caller:

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In case you are receiving any call after office hours then don’t start avoiding them. It might be the call which can really change the fate of yours as well as of your company.

You might receive a call from consumers or customers in the evening as generally, this is the time when they are free.

Never leave the phone ringing or start talking in an unprofessional manner, remember we live in an era when the customer is the king.

8. Be honest to the caller:

tips to speak professionally on phone
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In case you aren’t specialized to carry out the particular task which the caller wants to be done, or you can’t provide the caller with the necessary details, then direct him to someone who can.

Don’t just start blabbering anything, if you don’t know then put it frankly in front of the customer.

9. Think as if you are being watched:

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Most of the companies located out there tend to have a voice recording system installed in their organizations and hence how you respond well the business calls is recorded by the company.

Even if your company doesn’t have this voice or call monitoring system then try and think as if it does.

This would allow you to behave in one of the most professional as well as an efficient manner possible. The fear of being watched would automatically bring out the best in you.

10. Take care of your grammar:

tips to speak professionally on phone
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Always make sure that you pay special attention to grammar. High-class customers tend to quickly figure out the errors in your speech and what mistakes are you making while speaking.

This tends to leave a negative impression on them and hence you should always be careful what language you are using and whether you are using it correctly or not.

So, these were some of the tips which would make you all the more professional as well as efficient than you presently are.

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