10 things you must know about a Taurus woman


A Taurus woman is born in between 20 April- 20 May. A Taurus woman is balanced and reliable that’s why she’s compatible with a Taurus man. Taurus traits include emotional strength, loyalty and independence. She is genuine and tends to seek out the same quality in others. She can be stubborn at times. There are many Taurus characteristics and Taurus personality traits.

Here are 10 things you should know about a Taurus personality and nature-



A Taurus woman is independent of all the other zodiac signs. She knows how to do her work herself without depending on others. She would prefer working alone rather than working in a group. She is not afraid of leading and doing anything by herself.

Family oriented

A Taurus woman is more family oriented like a Taurus man. She is more comfortable staying at home with her family. She loves her family and can do anything to protect them.


A Taurus woman appreciates the attention and being chased by others. She would always want to be loved and would love to be in focus light for the ones who mean something to her. If she is giving you a lot of attention, she will definitely want something in return.


A Taurus woman is very sensitive. She will get hurt easily because of their sensitive nature. She is very protective. She needs to be understood so that you can understand her sensitivity.


A Taurus woman is loyal and has a clean heart. She grants her loyalty to only a few people even if she has many friends. She gets disappointed if she doesn’t get the same loyalty in return. She will always stay committed and devoted to the people she loves.

Short Tempered

A Taurus woman gets annoyed very easily and is stubborn. She loses her temper quickly when she is upset about anything that is happening with her. She always has a breaking point, and her outbursts will be very intense.


A Taurus woman is very intelligent and brainy. She is very smart and practical. She has a lot of knowledge and is a nerdy lady. She will always be keen to learn new things.

Enjoy little things

A Taurus woman will always enjoy everything that comes in her way. She will always have an accepting and positive attitude towards everything in her life and will appreciate everything. She will always be thankful for every small thing.

Personal relationships

A Taurus woman can be a bit overprotective and possessive, but she values her personal relationships. She is very romantic and sentimental at heart and will always show you how much she cares about you. She will never make you feel uncomfortable or upset with her. She will always value you and show you how important you are to her and will always try her best to keep you happy.


A Taurus woman dresses simply and elegantly. She will always stay straightforward and sweet. She has a lovely nature and will always be calm and relaxed.

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