10 things you must know about a Leo woman


Leo is a dramatic zodiac sign with some values. Leos are born between 23 July – 22 August. A Leo woman is known for her confidence and aggression. She would only appreciate you if you respect her and take care of her needs really well. There are many Leo characteristics and Leo personality traits, and you need to know them before being connected to a Leo woman. Here are 10 personality traits in a Leo woman you must know-



A Leo woman has a very positive attitude towards her life and will never want to hang out with negative people. She will always avoid talking about her problems and will always be grateful for all the right things happening with her or around her. She will always try to make a happy picture despite all the bad things going on with her. Share your positivity with her, and you will get a lot in return from a Leo woman.


A Leo woman is very ambitious and focused on her work. She will always want to achieve her goals. She will never leave her job without completing it correctly. She would love it if you appreciate her dreams and encourage her to do more of what she loves.


A Leo woman is independent like a Leo man. She will never want to be dependent on others and ask for help. She will always appreciate your thoughts but will never let you control her. Even if she hangs out with you, she will want her own space and time at the end of the day without any disturbance.

Center of attention

A Leo woman will always want to be the centre of attention. She will always wait for her own appreciation. She always wants to be talked about, and if you don’t notice her, then you are in danger.


A Leo woman is straight-forward and will never run away from any argument. If she doesn’t like anything, she will say it directly without even thinking. She gives importance to her opinions and will always be outspoken.

Great friend

A Leo woman has the capability of becoming a great friend to others. The Leo personality carries the nature of becoming great friends. She will always be kind and loyal towards her friends and will protect them if she needs to. She will never let them face their problems alone and will be there for them to protect them. She will always have a soft corner for her friends.


A Leo woman is a bit sensitive and can get hurt easily. Though she is confident but if something hurts her, then she won’t show it to you. She is easily affected by the people who always criticise her and her feelings. She has a lot of insecurities and gets hurt easily.


A Leo woman will always be ready to have fun and enjoy her life. She is very adventures and loves to explore new things. She will always want to try something new instead of going for the old things again and again. She appreciates everything that comes her way and love to gain knowledge.


A Leo woman is very classy and has a very good taste in food and fashion. She always gets attracted towards expensive things more. She loves the fancy stuff. She loves to shop and has a great combination of a sense of humour and intelligence. You can call her beauty with brains. A Leo woman is classy in her own way.


A Leo woman is very observant and notices even the smallest things in her life. She observes all the moments that happens around her and will make a logical conclusion about you. It’s not that she is judging you, but that’s her way of observing things. She will always have something logical and rational to say about you after observing you nicely.

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