Caution! Mark these 10 things a boy should never do to his dick!




10 things a boy should never do to his dick

To start with, you know your private parts are very sensitive. There are many things that you do that are hurting your parts without you even realizing it. In fact, everyday things such as taking a shower, performing sexual activities, or exploring your body can be a risky task. You can also learn some Amazing Male Masturbating Techniques You Would Enjoy The Most.

I am not saying it to scare you; I just want you to make sure you are healthy, comfortable, safe, and aware. For instance, did you know you should not clean your privates too much?

Well, let’s look at some more points that will make you aware of what you are doing wrong with your penis.

1. No Piercing!

Piercing always comes with some risk of irritation or infection. So if you are not sure, we suggest you at least don’t go for Prince Albert or clit piercing. However, if you must have it, then educate yourself properly. You are creating another opening in your body that is prone to get infected. Make sure you get an appointment with a qualified professional in a clean surrounding and sterilized equipment.


2. There is no need for enhancements

Men are so obsessed with the Size, and so are women. I cannot answer if the size matters or not, but let me share an interesting fact with you guys.

According to science, the average size of a man’s penis is 3-inches when flaccid and it is between 4.5-6.5-inches while erect. So, stop fussing about the size, you are good.

 Besides these enhancement products comes with so much risk, and can be deadly if you are not using them correctly. Carefully read about all the side effects that the product carries before you apply it.

no-enhancements3.Penis can break

Yes, it can, despite not being made of bone. Vigorous sex, masturbation or falling on the erect penis can result in penile fracture. You can learn here some Masturbation Side Effects. It is a bending injury that happens when a membrane known as tunica albuginea tears. This is the membrane that surrounds the corpora cavernosa, which is elastic tissue inside the penis that loads up with blood during an erection. During the fracture, the blood that normally stays in this space flows out into other tissues resulting in bruising and swelling. Treating this fracture involves stitches.

Ouch! So while wild sex is good and all, try not go overboard with the idea.

penis-can-break4. It can shrink

Penis can shrink! And there are several reasons behind it. One of the reasons is smoking. It can shorten a penis by a centimeter because of calcified blood vessels that decrease erectile circulation. Plus, your penis can also become less elastic if you don’t get the erection on a regular basis; this means that your penis can shrink by 1-2 centimeter if you don’t use it enough.


5. Don’t wash it too much

While cleaning your private parts after sexual activities (masturbation included) is healthy, make sure you don’t over wash that area. Over washing can lead to dryness, irritation, and infections. Moreover, you should only use a tissue and plain water to clean your penis. Proper cleaning will make sure you avoid infection like UTI.


6. Avoid wearing tight clothes

Your penis needs to breathe, and tight clothes hinder the breathing which makes the area prone to irritation and infection. Try to avoid skinny jeans as much as possible. Plus, you may prefer brief, but it restricts the personal space your penis and can lower the sperm count. Therefore, it is better if you switch to boxers instead.


7. Try not to bend it too much

It is common sense, but boys will be boys. And it is normal for them to pull on their penis. Try not to play around too much with it; you should only to do it to give it a stretch and not to impose pain. It is an extremely sensitive part so try to treat it like that.


8. If it hurts, be honest about it

This goes when you are performing any sexual activity. Your patience for pain is not the symbol of your love. So if your partner is bending or doing anything to your penis that is beyond your limits, say something. People get severely injured while performing sexual activities and trust me you don’t want to be one of them. Unless you want to end up in a hospital, stop!


9. Don’t try everything you see on TV or the internet

If you have seen American Pie, you would know what I mean. You should know that half the things that you see on TV and the internet are not true. Besides, some men who have tried have said they have regretted it badly. So do yourself a favor and stop doing unnecessary experiments on it.


10. Don’t use household cleaning product to clean your private area

Some of your guys may roll eyes at this point, but you will be surprised to know that boys actually do that. Even if the product says it is made of natural ingredients, try never use them on your penis, this can result in irritation and can even damage your penis skin. If you want to clean, just use simple water, that does the work just fine, and try to use unscented body wash.


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