There is a human library in Hyderabad where you can hear the real life stories from people rather than book

There is a human library in Hyderabad where you can hear the real life stories from people rather than book

There is a human library in Hyderabad where you can hear the real life stories from people rather than book

This human library in Hyderabad is the creation of Harshad Fad, a mass communication student from Annapurna University. What is your idea about a library? Few people sitting on the benches and desks reading books with pin drop silence. Well, this human library proves to be different from the traditional libraries in so many ways. First of all, it is not the place where you would like to go for reading books. There are noises everywhere, people talking to each other noises. The concept of human libraries was first developed in Denmark. It works on the sole purpose of sharing knowledge.

In India, IIM Indore was the first to introduce the concept of a Human Library, and after that, Hyderabad came into the play. The aim of these types of libraries is to use the human books and human experiences for the benefit of others. Harshad Fad organizes human library events in Hyderabad along with his college mates. The people can choose from the various categories of available human books and can talk to them, an intimate one on one chat with the personal for about half an hour.

At the time of their introduction to the outside world, they were sporting only ten human books with them, but it now estimated that by the next event, the number of human books is going to double. Any human can be a book, and as long as they meet up with the demands provided by Harshad, they can play the human book at the library sharing their experiences and interesting life stories.

Talking about the favorite human books, Harshad says, those self-hatred people and those who survived domestic violence are his favorite ones as they inspire others, displays courage and prevents oddity in ourselves. This human library cares for narrators emotions as each session can be pretty emotional and crushing for him or her. After every session, these human books are asked about how they feel and are they able to continue for some more time. The thirty minute reading time is ample for the readers and the human books to share and listen to stuff and also, the readers are allowed to take notes, ask questions and try to make it more of an interactive session.

You can find every kind of people from different communities and culture, the abandoned ones like gays, lesbians and transsexuals. This human library in Hyderabad often sees a regular human book Andy Silveria, an LGBTQ activist sharing his knowledge and experience about sexuality. Gay by sexuality, he likes to narrate his personal life stories to people, and people also like to take an interest in what he has to say. Not only for the readers but the human books also, it is kind of a learning experience for them.

Human libraries have proven to be a sort of encouragement for people coming there to know about the subjects they might feel uncomfortable and unnerving about. Harshad Fad has taken this initiative to encourage such people with the tough background just to connect them to certain subjects which they may find interesting and life lesson and helps them in living their rest of the lives without any pain and agony.

The best thing about this human library in Hyderabad is that there is no pin drop silence there and one can hear people chanting from each corner. People who volunteer willingly to become the human books at the library tries to put lights on their personal experiences and readers are free to interact with them and are allowed to ask questions, and in return, they are guaranteed with honest answers.

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