The Many Benefits of Drinking Craft Beer


If you’re someone who already appreciates the taste of a good craft beer, you’ll be thrilled to know that there are actually some health benefits that come with drinking craft beer. For a beer to be described as “craft” it must be produced in a craft brewery or a microbrewery that produces only small amounts of beer. Thanks to the increasing popularity of craft beers, these days there are hundreds of craft breweries out there that are making the craft beers we know and love. If you’re curious to know about the many benefits that come with drinking craft beer, keep reading.

Superior Taste and a Better Buzz

The best thing about craft beer is the fact that it typically comes in a variety of different flavour combinations. In fact, these days you can find craft beers that are flavoured after cereals, desserts, and other sweet treats. Best of all, the flavours tend to change throughout the seasons.

Not only that, but craft beer also contains a higher ABV than beer that is produced in bulk by large corporations. This means that you’d have to drink less of it to get the same buzz that you would drinking double the beer from a non-craft brewery. At the end of the day, this saves you more money since you end up buying less beer. If taste and cost are something you care about when it comes to your beer, craft beer is simply the way to go.

Speaking of money, a large portion of the money that you spend on craft beer stays local as opposed to going to a large corporation. In fact, most of the craft beer you purchase at your local bar goes to brewers that live in your hometown. This, in turn, helps to finance the production of even more craft beer.

Nutritional Value

Believe it or not, some may go as far as to say that craft beer has some form of nutritional value to it. When consumed in moderation, craft beer has been proven to lower the rates of cardiovascular disease, improve bone density, decrease your risk of joint problems such as arthritis, can help lower your cholesterol, and can even lower your chances of getting diabetes. When it comes down to it, craft beer is simply a much better option.

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