‘Stressed’ Messi will be Argentina’s main man, Zabaleta assures

'Stressed' Messi will be Argentina's main man, Zabaleta assures

Lionel Messi looked stressed but will step up in Argentina world cup clash against Nigeria, According to Pablo Zabaleta.

Argentina has to defeat Nigeria this time because in the previous clash former world cup runner-ups have to face a defeat against them In Russia and we also hope that Croatia can do them a favor by beating island so that there can be hopes alive of their Qualify in Group D.
Pablo Zabaleta feels that Messi has been given a hard time by the Argentina public and has also backed him to come to the fore in St Petersburg on Tuesday.

“ I think it is getting harder for Leo to play with Argentina. This team has lost all the three finals they have played in the past. The world cup 2014 and the Copa America 2015 and 2016

“ In Argentina that is just not enough for some of the people and especially for the part of media.  You have to win the championship as reaching the finals isn’t enough.

“ So three finals in four years has been really tough for them both mentally and psychologically in the team for everyone and especially for Leo”

“It really hard when country people tag you as a loser. They see him winning cup and trophies with Barcelona. So they expect the same kind of level with the national team.
“Leo has been criticized when he isn’t able to perform well during the game but when he took retirement from football.  He has been Requested to come back to the team”

“ As a teammate, I can always say that we have always been a better and consistent team  in performance during his presence”

“ And for those who claim that he doesn’t Perform well with the country like he does with the club are completely Wrong. When I used to play with him On Argentina team. He has always played a  role of the main player or main man in the team”

“I am sure that he will perform well on Tuesday because this could be his only chance”


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