Pimples in ear- Causes and Treatments



Acne has always been a major issue for people. A pimple can also occur inside the ear. Blisters in the ear are not felt immediately; we start feeling them only after they are touched or when they start to hurt. Otitis externa is a condition which causes inflammation and swelling in the external canal of the ear. It is often caused by a bacterial infection and ultimately causes a pimple in the ear. So here are some causes and treatments for pimples in the ear.



Poor hygiene

The most common cause of pimples in the ear is poor personal hygiene. Using dirty earphones or cell phone, touching your ears with unwashed hands, scratching your ears with a toothpick or any other object, these all can cause a pimple in your ear. The dirt which is collected leads to acne and causes irritation inside the ear.

Ear piercing

Getting your ear pierced can also cause pimples in the ear. When you get the piercing done in your ear, there is a great chance of it getting infected which can cause pimples in that area. As the piercing is done with a sharp object and involve chemicals in it which affects the sensitive skin of our ears and causes blisters and blackheads in it.


Stress is a very common reason for pimples in the ear. If a person is under some stress, then there are chances of pimples. Suffering from anxiety also makes the acne worse and starts producing more pimples and blackheads on our face.


If a person is allergic to cosmetics, medicines or any other product which comes in contact with the ear, then there are chances of pimples in the ear. The allergy can cause a pimple in the ear or behind the ear because the skin starts to blemish and leads to inflammation.



Sometimes the pimple can also occur due to the earwax in our ears. If the earwax is not cleaned every week, then there are chances of pimples in the ear.


Always wash your hands

You should always wash your hands before and after touching the ears. As the pimples in the ear occur due to the bacterias. Touching the pimple with unclean hands can cause more pimples or worsen the one which is already there. It also blocks the pores because of the dirt.

Hot water

Hot water is a natural way of popping the pimple in the ear. Soak some hot water in a cotton ball or cloth and then press it on your pimple. Leave it for at least 15 minutes. It can be done four times a day. It helps in reducing the pain and the getting rid of a pimple quickly.

Keep your hair clean

You should always keep your hair clean as all the oil from your hair can get into your ears and cause pimples. Wash your hair every alternate day to avoid oil and pimples in the ear.There are many healthy foods by which you can get healthy hair. You can also use products which are oil-free so that it doesn’t clog your pores and cause more pimples.


You can also wipe your pimple with alcohol as it prevents pimples in the ear and helps it from getting infected further. Take two cotton wipes and pour some alcohol on it and clean your ears from inside and behind. It will stop spreading the infection.

Black tea

Use a bag of black tea with hot water to heal the pimples in the ear. Place the tea bag over a pimple. The heat and tea will help in reducing the inflammation.

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