10 Penis Habits That You Need To Ditch As Soon As Possible



The male intromittent organ which also functions as urinal duct is termed as Penis. The Penis has three important parts i.e. the epithelium (comprising foreskin and shaft skin) which covers the glans penis, root (radix) and the body (corpus). Three columns of tissue constitute the body of the penis, and they are two corpora cavernosa (on the dorsal side) and corpus spongiosum (between them). There are many penis habits that we need to ditch as soon as possible. 10 among them, are discussed in the following manner.


Ignorance Of New Blisters, Bumps and Lumps On The Penis

New rashes, blisters, bumps, discoloration is an indication of sexually transmitted diseases, allergy and fungal or bacterial infection. The sexually transmitted diseases, allergy and fungal or bacterial infection have harmful effects on human body. Therefore, man should not avoid new blisters, bumps and lumps on the penis.

Most Often Penis Are Not Washed

Due to warming and sweating of penis, the growth of fungus and bacteria is promoted. This bacteria and fungus lead to bad odour which is harmful to us in every respect. The penis can be caught by irritation and rash due to excessive sweating. This excessive sweating occurs when the penis is not showered and cleaned properly. Therefore, man should clean and shower his penis with water and soap daily (once a day).

Wearing Tight Shorts

While doing exercise, it is preferred to wear tight shorts. But, if these shorts are worn for a long period, then it causes sweating in the surrounding areas of the penis. This sweating promotes the growth of bacteria and fungus. The growth of fungus and bacteria leads to the generation of bad odour which is hazardous for our health. Therefore, man should not wear tight shorts for a long time.

Adventurous And Rougher Sex After Getting Drunk

During intercourse, when man roughly makes the penis to get entered into the hole of the partner then it happens that he misses the entrance and get a bend, sprain and fracture in his penis which causes many serious problems concerning his health. Therefore man should avoid the act of having adventurous and rougher sex after getting drunk.

Stuck Foreskin Over The Penis From Time To Time

Due care of foreskin should be taken to stay retractable and healthy if the man is uncircumcised. In certain situation, the heads of the penis get covered by foreskin, and its retraction does not occur, and this situation is known as phimosis. This situation occurs due to inflammation and infections or abnormal anatomy. Therefore man should consult the urologist or doctor if he is unable to retract his foreskin.

Penetrative Anal Sex By Not Using Condom

If a man is not using the condom when he is having anal sex, then the bacteria get transferred to the urethra by which he can suffer from urinary tract infections which are harmful to his health. Therefore, the man should use the condom while having penetrative anal sex so as to get protected from Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

Unable To Get Or Maintain Erection While Drinking alcohol Limitlessly

Alcohol is harmful to our health in every respect. Our senses get affected by having alcohol. It is not good for our mental and physical health. If the man drinks alcohol limitlessly, then he cannot get and maintain the erection and also he cannot ejaculate. Therefore, the man should avoid drinking alcohol or having it in a limit if he wants to do sex.

Blood Coming Out From The Penis

Something is going wrong if the blood comes out from the penis. At the time of urination, there is a probability that the blood comes out from the penis which means that the man is suffering from cancer or tumor of the bladder or infection. Therefore, if the blood comes out from the penis, then it should not be neglected.

Avoid Protection Of Penis During Sports

While playing, man use to run, jump and move here and there. In such a situation penis of the man is prone to get wounded or injured. If the penis gets wounded or injured, then he can be in the cage of STDs and infections which are harmful to him in every respect. Therefore, the man should protect his penis during sports.

Shaving Around The Penis Include Old or Dull Razor

If the man uses the old or dull razor to shave around the penis, then it results in cuts, irritation and razor burns. The cuts, irritation and razor burn caused by dull or old razor leads to the development of STDs and infections. Therefore, the man should use the sharp and clean razor to shave around his penis.

Thus, penis habits are not the serious matter, and they can be uprooted easily. The penis habits which are mentioned in the above-written matter are required to be ditched as soon as possible for the sake of our good health.

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