How to Wear Heels Without Any Pain

How to Wear Heels Without Any Pain

How to Wear Heels Without Any Pain

A women’s wardrobe is totally incomplete without the pair of good heels present in them. Heels do offer that extra touch of glamour to any dress they are worn with. However keeping the fashion factor aside, it is also a fact, that heels may prove to be a pain in the feet. Initially boosting you with confidence, they may soon turn into a sore that you will need to get rid of.

So, today we discuss a few tips which will allow your feet to rest and at the same time make you look all the more appealing in those heels you adorn.


1. Choose the Correct Heel Size

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While settling for a heel do make sure that you are aware of the feet size you have. The size of your feet changes through your lifetime especially once you have children. Do make it a point to identify your feet size and accordingly buy the heel which is an exact fit for same. Some people do have wide feet, while some have narrow once, therefore get  a measurement at a shoe shop and the buy the one which feels comfortable enough.

2. Go for heels with slight front elevation

While the design of numerous heels may allure you to buy them, choose the heels which do offer your feet a comfortable place all throughout the day. Go for the heels which do have a little padding beneath instead of thin soles which will make your feet rough from beneath and hence the same will hurt in the long run. Also, go on choosing the heels which do have a slight elevation in the front side so that the angle they make with your feet is a less and hence comfortable.

3. Change Your Walking Style

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Yes, once you buy a good pair of heels do make sure to change your walking style a bit. While normally you walk with your feet leading followed by your thighs and body, after wearing heels let your thighs lead the way. This walking style will take some time to master however once done the same would provide you with a comfortable amount of relief.

Also do make sure the pressure you apply while walking comes from your hip instead of your knees, keep your knees straight. This won’t only help you with the pain but will also prevent you from the goofy walking style.

4. Get Hold of those Shoe Inserts

Yes, these silicone pads which generally go under the ball of the heels offer a great cushion for the front part of your sole. These do not only prevent soreness but also make your feet stay in position. No sudden movements beneath your feet allow less friction to develop between the feet and heel and hence no painful blisters and developed due to same.

5. Try to Go With The Heels With Straps Attached

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Heels with a strap attached to them do offer a greater support while walking and hence you would not be putting too much pressure on your ankle or on your feet. Therefore you can be sure to have a comfortable walking experience and practically no stress and pain.

6. Go For Wedges

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Heels with extra wedges do offer a greater balance aside from the fact that they offer comfortability to your feet. With the extra wedges, the weight on your ankle as well as the sole is divided and hence offering you a confident and easy walking around places.

7. Take Frequent Rest Sessions

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Walking in heels for prolonged duration does cause serious problems no matter how comfortable the heel is. Therefore while you get yourself a good pair of heel make it a regular habit to switch between sitting and standing and therefore allowing your feet to get the rest that they require.

So, these were the 7 tips which do allow you to get yourself relieved from any pain caused due to wearing heels. If you have any self-discovered tips, do let us know in the comment section below.

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