Get a toned stomach in fix 28 days! Here are the amazing tips

Get a toned stomach in fix 28 days! Here are the amazing tips

Get a toned stomach in fix 28 days! Here are the amazing tips

Fitness is one thing of utmost importance, and staying fit and healthy is no easy job. While people may aspire to build in great bodies and or get an ideal physique, there are considerable amounts of efforts which are put into achieving same.

The trend of getting a flat belly or abs is slowly increasing, and people are rushing towards methods which do prove to be useful in achieving this feat. Although a slow and steady process, belly fat does require a considerable amount of time to burn and melt, however, if you do have quick milestones to achieve, then here a few tips which might set you on the path to a healthy lifestyle. Do you know how many calories in a glass of red wine?


1. Mix and Workout

Doing 10-12 sets of crunches won’t help you achieve that flat belly which you aimed for. Instead, try to mix up your exercise and inculcate exercises which do put pressure on the core from all ends. This will help your belly fat meltdown evenly and thereby will tone down that stomach of yours.

2. Go For HIIT

People do have this misconception that running for miles or spending hours on the treadmill is what will help them burn their body fat and hence achieve the ideal body shape. However, if you aren’t planning on becoming a marathon runner than running all those miles is nothing but a waste of time. Instead go for High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), which does target every muscle in your body and hence not only does burn fat from the core but from all the other sections of the body. Do you know Morena Baccarin, the deadpool actress works out regularly.

3. Pay Special Attention to the Diet

If you are aiming for quick muscle gain and do want to achieve body goals within 28 days, then your diet is one component which requires immediate attention. Here are some ways on how to get skinny? Try to reduce those extra calories you gain from junk food and lower down the levels of fat consumption. However this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t eat anything and go on a dieting, you should eat but eat healthily. Organic food is also recommended for a healthy diet. The way you prepare your nutrition plan can have a very strong influence on your bodyweight. A few Nutrisystem before and after success stories will definitely motivate you.

4. Go For Planks

Planks have proven to be quite successful in reducing the amount of belly fat and do also play a significant role in toning down the ab muscles. Try various forms of plank which do target the core as well as to help with side toning of your body.

5. Do not exclude strength training

A good workout is one which does include strength training combined with HIIT and or cardio. Do not simply focus on one section of your body and try to achieve an all-round development of same. Start with strength training which is later followed by a cardio or an HIIT session. Do not do HIIT as well as cardio on the same day as it leads to excessive muscle loss and you may end up injuring yourself.

6. Get a Good Night Sleep

Sleeping is as important as working out during your aim to achieve the flat belly in 28 days. Do make sure that you have at least 8 hours of sleep in a day so that your body is in a state of full recovery. Also sleeping less does cause the levels of fat to rise as these fat cells do become resistant to insulin thereby increasing your weight substantially.

7. Inculcate Tea

The antioxidant qualities of tea have proved to be quite useful in reducing the belly fat by increasing the metabolic activity in the body. Consume tea in the morning in the volume preferred by you to achieve the ideal belly goals you have in mind. In drinks benefits of cucumber water are also beneficial in weight loss.

8. Fried Foods and Carbs are an absolute No No

You must go for pomelo fruits as they help in reducing fruits. As told before you need to manage your diet and therefore make sure that there are no fried food items or items containing carbohydrates in your diet plan. As your goal is to achieve maximum benefit in short span of 28 days stay away from items which are hard to digest and would eventually lead you to more craving of food. Also, there are many home remedies and simple hacks to get rid of the belly fat in few weeks.

Instead, try to consume protein rich food which not only will satiate your hunger but will also help you gain some extra muscles.

So, with these tips in hand and a strong determination in mind start towards your goal of achieving a flat belly in 28 days.

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