Fun things to do in Vienna in December


Vienna is wonderful during the winter months, and there are various fun things to do in Vienna in December. There is something very magical about the winter months in Vienna because everything is beautiful and festive around the city. Here are some wonderful and fun things to do in Vienna in December:


Explore the Christmas market in Vienna in December:

Vienna in December The Christmas market is one of the fun things to visit in Vienna in December because there is a different level of excitement that you get to see there. The market has a spectacular sight with lights glowing, the smell of the festive season, and delicious treats. You can explore the market which starts from late November and stays till the end of December. There are various things and stalls you can see at the market, and it is all worth visiting. Also, do not skip out on trying the famous Christmas treats.

Check out the Vienna Opera:

Don’t miss out on going to the Vienna Opera as it is known as one of the best Opera Houses in the world. It opened up in the year 1869 and was a part of the planned expansion in Vienna. The building is very big and has amazing detailing inside. It took nine years to complete the building with the fine products and amazing architecture. The opera runs in Vienna through the winter season, and it can fit 2000 people in the hall. If you want to go to the opera, you have to follow the fixed formal dress code stated on the website.

Drink the amazing coffee in Vienna in December:

Vienna in December Vietnamese coffee is very popular, and it is a must-have if you are in Vietnam in December because the little places on the streets serve unique hot coffees and drinks. You can enjoy the hot coffee with delicious pastries. There is a rich tradition in Vietnam to work and relax while having a cup of coffee. Some old coffee places are a must-visit because they are grand and have some history behind the place.

The world of chocolate in Vienna in December:

You should visit the Chocolate Museum because it’s a great place to spend time and learn all about the chocolate that is there in the world. You can know more about the history of chocolate, the production, commercial sale, uses of chocolate, and much more. You can also join in the chocolate workshop and craft around 300 grams of your own chocolate bar for gifting or as a late-night snack. The museum is open daily, though the hours can differ, it is definitely worth the visit.

Hit the slopes in Vienna in December:

Vienna in December When you are in Vienna, go out on a day trip to the Austrian alps, where you can cruise down the slopes and also enjoy the view around. You can reach the Alps by car or use public transport, which will take around 2 hours. You can go to the Stuhleck Resort, which isn’t far from Vienna and also has snow in the winter months. You can enjoy various winter sports in Vienna in December.

Visit the butterfly house:

The Imperial Butterfly House is a must-visit as you get to see another world out there. There are around 400 types of butterflies in the place, and they are free to fly around in the building. You get to explore the tropical world out there, which is created for them, and it is lovely. Not just the butterfly, but you also get to explore some tropical plants in the Butterfly House.

Enjoy the Ferris wheel:

There is a giant Ferris Wheel in the center of Vienna, which has been in operation for more than 100 years now and is known as the world’s tallest Ferris wheel. It gives you a fantastic view of the Vienna skyline and the city. The wheel is really amazing and magical in winter months at night because you can see the glowing lights in the city and the Christmas market below. You get to take a ride on the wheel for 12 to 15 minutes, and then it stops to let other people in.

Tram tour of Vienna in December:

If you think that the weather outside is making you lazy to explore the city, then you can take a tram tour because it will take you through the best sites in Vienna. Vienna in December is beautiful, and you get to explore a lot of things around the city.


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