Holiday with boxing program in Phuket island

What if you could dedicate every waking hour to your fitness in one of the most exotic destinations in the world? Thailand makes this possible with a multitude of exciting mixed martial arts classes presented on the island of Phuket. Planning a holiday in the beautiful Asian destination is most rewarding but if you wish to challenge yourself while achieving your ultimate fitness, then a Muay Thai holiday is what you need. From mixed martial arts to sightseeing and incredible cuisine, discover just how you can enjoy your weekend holiday while in Thailand.
On the weekend, Thailand truly comes alive. During this time most stores and restaurants are open. It is also when many festivities are held through the local streets and the villages. Many tourists travel to the city center on the weekend to experience the celebrations, the dance and the wonderful costumes that the locals do. If you wish to witness special events and festivals, be sure to travel to Thailand during the relevant times of the year. The favorable seasons fortravel in Thailand introduce tourists to impressive exotic conditions. Surfers and beachgoers enjoy the sun and the surf especially on the weekend when local nightlife is buzzing with activity. Thailand is widely recognized for its multitude of beach activities making it the most sought-after coastal region in the world. A holiday in the country is not complete without visiting the local restaurants and villages to experience a taste of the culture. Fresh foods created with spices, fresh vegetables, rice, and seafood are characteristic of the local dining. A getaway in Thailand in incredibly exciting and with so much to do, you will certainly find the destination most rewarding. On the weekend when you are not performing mixed martial arts, an exploration of the city and the local surrounds will provide incredible opportunity to learn about the country and its people. Combine an action-packed fitness holiday with sightseeing, relaxing and rewarding opportunities.

Partake in a Muay Thai Boxing Holiday in Thailand

A Muay Thai or boxing program for holiday in Thailand encourages participants to train in the combat sport daily and under the guidance of an experienced Thai boxing instructor. The MuayThai training camp is a beautiful spacious facility that is located on the island of Phuket. Holiday goers will wake to the unique sights and sounds of the region before engaging in vigorous workouts. While surrounded by natural beauty in Phuket, you can perform your Muay Thai techniques from Suwit Muay Thai on the beach on the weekend. During the week, all persons are put through their paces to achieve the best possible results in daily fitness regimes. A holiday with a Muay Thai program is nothing short of intense, challenging and incredibly rewarding. It is filled with excitement and the opportunity to achieve your fitness goals. If you are planning an international holiday and hoping for a unique sense of adventure, then a spectacular Muay Thai training camp holiday in Phuket, Thailand is the best experience.

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