Fun things to do in Tbilisi, Georgia in winter


Not many people know about the winter side of this city, and they think it’s not ideal for visiting Tbilisi, Georgia, during winter, but there are many fun things and experiences that you can get during the winter months. It is the most beautiful city in Georgia to visit during the winter season. Here are some fun things that you can do in Tbilisi, Georgia in winter:


Rejuvenate at the sulpur baths:Tbilisi, Georgia in Winter

The sulfur bath is located at the beginning of the Old Town and is one of the historical places in the city. The baths operate throughout the year but are more relaxing during the winter season. It was built in the 13th century, and many famous people have visited this place. There are a total of seven bathhouses in the place, and the sulfur is great for your health and skin.

Take a day trip to Mtskheta in Tbilisi, Georgia in Winter :

Tbilisi is a fun city to stay in, but the city is also surrounded by amazing places worth the trip. You can take a quick trip to Mtskheta, which is 20 kilometers away from Tbilisi and was founded in the 5th century BC. The historical monuments in the city also became one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the year 1994 as it is the birthplace of Christianity in Georgia. You can also go souvenir shopping around the city.

Visit the Narikala Fortress in Tbilisi:

The Narikala Fortress was officially accepted in the 4th century, and it is a historical symbol of the city. The fortress had many influences like Persians, Arabs, and Mongols. No matter whatever happened, the fortress stood like a protective one through it all. The Georgian King David rebuilt some parts of the fort, and it gives a fantastic view over Tbilisi. You can walk to the fortress or take a cable car to get there. You will get to learn a lot about ancient history and stories related to the fortress.

Eat Satsivi in Tbilisi, Georgia in Winter:

Satsivi is a popular dish during the wintertime, and it contains chicken or turkey in a walnut sauce. It is known as the most delicious dish that is served in Tbilisi during the winter months. The dish has various flavors, and nothing is compared to it. If you visit Tbilisi during winter, then do not miss out on this amazing dish. You can check out the restaurants that serve this dish.

Visit the Holy Trinity Cathedral:

Tbilisi, Georgia in Winter

The Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi was built ten years ago, and it is the biggest church in the city. You can see the church from various parts of the city because it is in a hilly region, making it visible. You can walk to the church or take public transport. It is one of the places you wouldn’t want to miss seeing.

Celebrate New Year in Tbilisi:

The New Year’s celebration in Tbilisi, Georgia in Winter is different when compared to other cities. People start celebrating on the streets, and everything stays open throughout the night. Everything is decorated with beautiful lights, and music is literally on blast in every corner of the city. You can go for a walk to the Old Town and celebrate the evening, and you might be able to score free drinks.

Street art in Tbilisi:

There are various streets where you can find street art, and you get to explore a lot of hidden corners and streets in the city. You can take a walk down these lanes to see the street art because it is worth the walk. Every art is different and has an innovative edge to it.

Try the craft beer:

Do not miss out on the craft beer in Tbilisi, Georgia in Winter. The beer in the city is delicious, and you can enjoy it with the view outside. What is better than relaxing at the end of the day and having a glass of beer?

Enjoy the Georgian wine in Tbilisi, Georgia in Winter :

If you love wine, then you can enjoy the Georgian wine that the place has to offer. It is one of the oldest wines that can be found in Georgia. You can find Georgian wine anywhere in the city because it is pretty famous and old. Wine is a very vital part of the Georgian culture and has a different significance in the city.

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