Factors to Consider When Getting an Office Space in Chicago


Your business is expanding, and the next thing you need to consider is to find an office space in Chicago. But wait, don’t just sign a leasing contract that’s handed to you right away. You need to consider different factors when getting an office space. 

Tell you what; there’s more to just office space Chicago. It is the beacon of a successful company, and you want to keep that right image. Also, your office is at the heart of your company. It is where the day-to-day operation takes place.


Factor #1 Budget

You need to set aside a budget that you are willing to spend. Allot a budget that’s enough to cover at least six months of your rent, monthly utility bills, equipment, furniture and the cost of improving the place. Your net income should help you determine how much you are willing to spend.

Factor #2 Growth of Company

Your business is thriving, and there will come a time that you will need to bring in a new workforce. Assess the scalability and flexibility of the office space. The space should be able to allow more desks and employees. Also, ask the lessor if the infrastructures can be improved and if they allow renovations. 

Say that the place you can afford right now is not capable of withstanding your company’s growth. Get a shorter lease and stipulate in your contract that you get the first right to deal on a space adjacent when it becomes vacant. 

Factor #3 Company Culture

Figure out what your workplace should be like. It should be in line with your company’s mission, vision, and values. Will it be fun, informal, and dynamic? If yes, you’ll need an open space enough to put the desks. If your business is formal and requires your employees to be on their best behavior, then you’ll need an office space in Chicago with different sections and cubicles.

Factor #4 Parking Space

Parking space is a massive benefit for you, your employees, potential customers, and clients. Board members will need a parking space when they visit your company. For the ultimate convenience of prospective customers driving by, onsite parking is ideal.

Factor #5 Landlord

Look for a landlord who you’ll have a great relationship with. You’ll know a good landlord when they’re not focused on merely getting the space leased. He should be in the business of creating office spaces that allow companies to succeed. Not only that, but the landlord must also be within reach if in case you encounter some problems like water leaks and pests infestation. He should be able to provide excellent service as well.

Factor #6 Law Compliant

The office building should be compliant with the government standards and requirements so your business won’t get compromised. For example, the building should be Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant. This law stipulates that door offices should be wide enough for a wheelchair to go through. The door should be a few pounds lighter for it to open. The building should also have wheelchair ramps.

Another thing to consider is if it is compliant to measures when it comes to disasters and emergencies. The building should have fire exits.

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