Advantages of registering a trademark


Registering a trademark may benefit the company in so many remarkable ways. It can make the company and its products unique in its own ways. Also, intellectual property registration saves companies from copying their work. Trademark registration helps the companies in establishing their businesses on international forums. This is because it protects the company’s name thus helping the whole world to get benefit from the company’s services.

Trademark law benefits the company by distinguishing its name or products from other companies and their products in the market. Trademark registration in UAE acts as a protection shield for the companies as it saves their name from getting copied by other companies.


What is a trademark?


A trademark can be a unique sign, a symbol, an alphabet or a combination of all of these.

Benefits of trademark registration in UAE:

Trademark registration brings a lot of benefits along with it. The specificity and uniqueness in the trademark of the company make it even more special.

Here are some of the benefits associated with registering a trademark

It secures the business


Trademark registration provides security to the business in incredible ways. With the help of your trademark, you can even get loans from the bank because of them being intellectual and immovable property. The trademark basically gives the right to the company to carry out its services under the respective name.

It legally authorizes the business


Due to Trademark registration, the business gets the authority to use the trademark and provide its services and products to the clients. The legal authority makes the company sell its products legally and can stop the illegal usage of the products. Also, if anyone uses the name of the company or its trademark, the company can sue the other company for using its name.

It helps in business identification


The number of businesses all over the world is increasing rapidly. Without trademark registration, the companies get their specific identity which separates them from other names working in the industry. In this way, the company gets to enjoy a lot of benefits because of is name and identity. Furthermore, when the company has its own trademark, it gains more reputation in the market. This enhances the chances of success of the company.

Trademark can be transferred

If you go for trademark registration in Dubai, you can transfer your trademark as well. if a company wants, it can transfer its trademark to other products or persons just like an asset.

A company can use the word registered after it registers its trademark. It is to be noted here that under the trademark registration, only a particular number of services and goods are counted. This basically acts as a notification to others that you have your trademark registered. So, anyone cannot copy it. If anyone does, you have then the authority to sue them.

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