Why You Should Consider Volunteering on your Next Travel Trip

Why you should consider volunteering on your next travel trip


Volunteering Travel Trip

If you are planning to travel to Africa, you can include volunteering in the various charities across the globe in your list of activities.

Why you should consider volunteering on your next travel trip

While Africa is changing poverty still remains a challenge. A large part of the population still lives on less than a dollar per day. You can do something about it.

Volunteering is not all about making monetary contributions it is known to reduce stress, help you overcome depression and give your life a sense of purpose.

This article explores the reasons why you should include volunteering on your next trip.

Mental health

Why you should consider volunteering on your next travel trip

When you connect and help people who are underprivileged you reduce your stress levels and this helps to boost your moods. Depressed individuals are often advised to go out into the world and help someone who is suffering. Volunteering shifts the focus self to others. Volunteering is not relegated to just humans but extends to pets as well. Psychologists have found increased moods on people who volunteered while suffering from social anxiety and depression. Ethiopia has faced some conflict and you can do your part by volunteering to children homes or providing food to the homeless. The first thing you need is to get your Ethiopia visa here.

Boost your confidence levels

For someone who is afraid to express themselves, you can boost your social skills by engaging in some form of charity. Once you achieve your goals – giving back to the community – you find some form of accomplishment which boosts your confidence levels. You feel better about yourself when you see another person’s life been transformed. Volunteering does not have to be expensive – it is all about small random acts of kindness.

Sense of purpose

When you volunteer to better the life of another you get to have a positive outlook on life and this helps you in creating future goals. If you have lost a job, been in a broken relationship or lost a spouse you can create meaning by helping others. You can share with other people the challenges that you faced so that they can make better choices in the future. Volunteering steers your mind from your current concerns and helps you focus on the present. You get to realize that other people are going through the same challenges across the world and you can have a positive impact on their lives.

Physical exercise

Why you should consider volunteering on your next travel trip

This is especially true for older volunteers who get a chance to flex their muscles while walking around doing something positive. In the process of volunteering, you have better control of the thought process and this lowers mental fatigue. You can also volunteer to run for a worthy cause. This has multiple benefits – you get physical exercise, fund a cause you are passionate about and meet new people.

Develop various skills

For young people, volunteering is the best way to acquire new skills that you will use in the job market. When you volunteer for example in children home, you get to interact with people and perform odd jobs that will boost your resume. Their many tasks that people need that you have the capacity to do. This can include balancing accounts, cooking, web-based tasks or plumbing.

Career advancement

Gaining relevant skills while volunteering can help you advance your career. You benefit by gaining experience in a new field. You can do project management, marketing skills or communication skills. Employers tend to hire people who have volunteered due to these social skills. As a young person, instead of lazing around the house you can go to nursing or children home and acquire relevant skills.

Have fun

Why you should consider volunteering on your next travel trip

It is not all work when it comes to volunteering. You can have fun as well. It helps you change your environment and get distracted from your daily busy schedules. Most people will become more creative and find passion in life. Some people find new hobbies when they volunteer. For example, if you spend the whole day at a desk job you can start taking dogs out for a walk in an animal disabled shelter. This will help you get a sense of purpose and boost your moods.

It Connects you to Others

Why you should consider volunteering on your next travel trip

When you volunteer in your neighborhood you get to connect with other people in the neighborhood. Volunteering does not only help others but it also helps you. You can do this as a family and this helps create stronger bonds. If you are looking for contacts for your business, you can easily find them when you volunteer. Volunteering is also a great way to make new friends if you are new to a neighborhood. People are able to judge your character during this time. Children tend to follow what they see adults do and what better way to teach your child gratitude and love than volunteering. There are many things we take for granted in live and volunteering teaches us to have humility and be grateful for what we have. Helping the homeless for example will help you not take for granted the house and clothes that you have.

Right Volunteering Opportunities

The first thing that you need to consider when looking for a volunteering opportunity is to consider something that you love doing. Do not volunteer in an animal shelter when you don’t love animals – though you can do so if you want to overcome your fears. Decide what group of people you prefer working with – children, adults, pets, homeless or old people. Are you comfortable in a hospital? Before committing to volunteering ask yourself how much time you have in your hands. Your volunteering job should not interfere with your other tasks. If you want to do volunteering as part of career advancement, learn more and ask yourself what skills you need and whether you can get them in the volunteer.


Volunteering is a great way to develop social skills as you make a lasting impact on society. It enables you to think outside the box while giving you a sense of purpose and direction. It is when we lift other people that are lifted up ourselves.

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