Why Relationships These Days Are Falling Apart Easily?



In old times, two strangers were asked to tie the knot, and their marriage lasted forever and today, two lovers who know each other very well and move in together under one roof can’t sustain the relationship for a month. What an irony? Everybody agitated against the arranged marriage system and appealed to accept love marriage as the only criteria for stamping love. But, why is it that even after approving the love marriages in the society, the relationships are not turning out to be successful? Is it because the parents had the psychic powers of choosing the Mr. Right for us or because of the dearth of something in the relationships that stops it from growing further? In this article, I will just talk about the longevity of the relationship because marriage is far from the capability of the people. Here is an article that will enlighten you with the reasons for the failing relationships:


1. Afraid of unconditional love

Trust is absent in relationships. People fear that if they will let their feelings come out for their partner, then he/she might take an advantage of it. When a couple is made in heaven, then it will definitely not have any such wall of misunderstanding. Slight arguments are there, but the vigorous fights can’t be tolerated. Unconditional love has become a term of the historical era; you don’t get to see it in this time.

2. Commitment – not found in relationships nowadays

If you want your partner to be fair to you and not let the relationship die, then commitment is the key. But unfortunately, it lacks in every relationship. People run away from this word. People don’t have a sense of belongingness that stimulates them to devote their lives to their life partner. Especially, men have commitment issues because they can’t imagine themselves with one girl for the rest of their lives.

3. Liberty is more important than love

It is one of the major causes of breakups. You must have heard people saying that “My girlfriend/boyfriend was not giving me space, so I broke up with him/her.” People use it as a valid excuse to escape from the relationship. People don’t want to give their freedom and be a puppy of someone else. But they actually know that love is not about eating up your partner’s space, but it is about adding up more happiness to his/her life. You can’t continue to live your life with same zeal if you deal with the relationship in more positive manner.

4. People want amorous relationship, not love

People are after relationships so that they can satiate their sexual urge. Love is not just about getting your partner to sleep with you; it is about knowing him/her inside out. If you are in a relationship for this purpose, then my dear friend, you are not in search of a partner; you just want another participant for your one night stand. The relationships are on rocks because this reason that there is not intimacy between the individuals after sometime.

5. Lack of emotional bond

People are not united by the emotions, but by the outer beauty. People are not driven by love, but lust. People play with the lives of some innocent people, and treat them like toys. The emotions are crushed under the feet and what remains in the relationship, only voidness.

6. People are not satisfied with one partner

Extra-marital affairs and double timing are very common for today’s generation. It is a bit astonishing to see people demanding more from the relationship and that too with many partners. Why can’t people be okay with one partner? Does it raise their standards if they date too many people simultaneously? This Casanova image might convince someone to start a relationship, but it can’t guarantee a love.

7. Long time, no see

Both individuals are working, and they can’t spare time for each other, so, the spice of the relationship fades away. When the couple does not spend with one another, then they certainly develop suspicion about the relationship. People must realize that giving time to their partner is vital to save the bond from getting stained.

8. Cupboard love phenomenon is prevalent

Cupboard love – The love which people pretend to do when they have a prior motive in their minds. Do you know why the beautiful hot chicks are seen with gray-haired men with a paunch? Do you really think it is love that binds them together? The answer is simple; the girls are after their husband’s properly. So, people have made fun of relationships by engaging in fraud instead of real union. People have Hawkeye, and they know how to fool people with huge wealth. So, do you think that love can breathe through such pathetic intentions?

9. Long distance relationships

People are very practical, and they want more than just love from the relationship. They want fun and excitement which they don’t get when they are in a long distance relationship. They act like fools because initially, the budding romance would make them take this silly decision of being together despite the distance issue and when it has been few months and years, they complain about contributing much-needed time with other. It is totally insane. Why do they plan for such a relationship when they are well aware that they are not going to see each other for a long time? The yearning turns into aggression and healthy relationships take bitter form.

10. Breaking up is not a big deal

Now relationships are almost like making a bleak promise to someone which would never be fulfilled. Nowadays, it is normal for people to split-up because they know that if one goes out of the life, then the door is wide open for another one to come in. The insecurity factor is not there, and thus, people are not much bothered about how their love is shaping up. They are used to this trend of calling off the relationships.

Make your Love Last Forever

Do you think it is so difficult to prove your love for your partner? Is it not enough for you to spend the rest of your life with just one man/ woman? Can’t you show some respect to your partner’s feelings? Do you think that a day would come when marriages would be banned on this planet just because people can’t commit their lives to somebody else? Imagine if that actually happens? What would you do? Would you blame others for ruining the piety towards the relationship? If you think that you are not like others, and you have the guts to pursue your life with your partner till eternity, then prove it. It seems that people believe that just like rules are meant to be broken, so are the relationships. Don’t act like a pessimist and let your heart dwell positivity towards your relationship. Make your relationship different from the others and convince the world that love and humanity have not turned a blind eye to the mankind.

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