Taking care of a baby is no easy task. Toddlers require high maintenance care; after all, any positive or negative effect on their body can have long term results or consequences. New moms and dads obsess over the best baby food, diapers, and pediatric care. But what slips past many people’s minds is skincare. A baby’s skin is delicate and susceptible to infections, dryness, scars, and other unwanted elements, which makes it a primary concern for any parent. 

Like adults, babies need a dedicated skincare routine to ensure that their skin remains healthy throughout their most vulnerable years. Otherwise, your baby may develop permanent allergies, dry patches, rashes, and redness. As a result, it is best to utilize the proper organic baby skincare to ensure that your little one’s skin remains soft and scar-free. 


Body Wash 

Bathing your baby is a fun way to bond and is a relaxing experience for you and your little one. Experts suggest giving babies under a year old no more than one full bath a week, as babies’ skin dry quickly when in contact with soap. However, babies are undoubtedly messy, and it is not uncommon for small accidents, such as vomit or dirty diapers, to require a bath. In that case, you do not have to worry about half baths or slightly more frequent bathtimes if you use an organic body wash. 

Choose one made without artificial perfumes, parabens, sulfates, and other harmful ingredients that are often found in adult soaps. Most baby body washes can cleanse the hair as well, so one product would suffice. If you love natural herbal scents, then choose one made with essential oils like blue cypress and lavender. These will also help fussy babies stay calm during baths. Additionally, consider using a bath sponge once in a while to stimulate your baby’s sense of touch. It will make bathtimes fees all the more pleasant! 

Face Cream 

If you think that face cream is only essential in grown-ups’ skincare routines, then you are missing out on a crucial organic baby skincare product. Most newborns would have dry skin, especially if they were born during the wintertime. As a result, eczema and other itchy rashes tend to pop up, causing little ones to scratch their faces. There are also rare cases where babies develop neonatal acne, which should be a concern for any parent. 

An organic baby face cream is essentially a face moisturizer made to hydrate infants’ delicate skin. Whenever your baby’s face feels dry, apply a small amount of face cream to soothe their skin. Ensure that you only put a small amount of eczema-safe product, which is a sign that the cream is gentle enough to be used on the dryest skin types. However, consult with your pediatrician to accurately diagnose any skin problems and before trying out any products. 

Body Moisturizer 

An organic body moisturizer is a perfect companion to cure the post-bath dryness. As some babies naturally dry out despite using the most hydrating soaps, a body moisturizer will ensure that their skin remains hydrated no matter the situation. You can apply a small amount of eczema-safe moisturizer all over your little one’s body every time their skin feels dry. Be cautious during the winter, when the dry air naturally sucks up the skin’s hydration. As your little one is more susceptible to dryness, you may want to monitor their skin condition more closely. 

Ensuring that babies are in their best condition is any parent’s dream. Nothing sparks more joy than a healthy baby with equally healthy skin. Therefore, ensure that you vigilantly take care of your child’s skin condition from the moment they are born. It may result in avoiding long-term consequences, so it will surely be well worth your effort.

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