Arches National Park in winter and things to do


Arches National Park is the most popular and visited park in US national parks. The park is just beautiful during the winter months, and there are various things like hiking, snowshoeing, and many more other activities that you can do in the park. Though you cannot predict the temperature in the region, the crowd is usually lesser than any other season, so it is the best time to visit if you do not like crowds. The park is very picturesque, which is perfect if you want to do photography here. Here are some things that you can do in the Arches National Park in winter:


Delicate Arch:

Arches National Park in winterThe Delicate Arch is one of the unique and iconic sites in Utah. People from all over the world come to see this unique rock formation, giving you a complete view of the park. The park is usually very crowded during the summer months, and it becomes difficult to reach this spot, but during the winter months, it’s easier. If you complete the park hike in winter, then you also get the chance to enjoy the Delicate Arch. You can go on the other side of the arch and get a view of the park, which looks impressive from that spot. During the winter months, some arches and landscapes are covered with a little bit of snow and give it the orange, brown, and white contrast.

Park Avenue View Point:

The Park Avenue View Point is one of the shortest trails in the park. The trail will take you through some amazing rock formations in the canyon. The trail is around 2.5 away from the visitor center, and it is comparatively easier. You get the view of amazing rock formations below when you reach the viewpoint. As there are various trails that are more challenging in the park, this one gives you a good warm-up.

Scenic Drive:

Arches National Park in winterThe Arches Scenic Drive is around a 36-mile drive that takes you through the best landmarks in the park. The view that you get to see on this drive is breathtaking. There is no rush on time, as you can take as much time as you need to complete the drive and explore the attractions that come in the way. You can also reach the tallest arch in the park, which is known as the Double Arch, and there will be limited daylight during the winter months.

Devils Garden Trail:

If you are someone who is looking for a longer hike, then the Devils Garden Trail is one of the best choices because it is the most challenging one. The trail takes you through 7 different arches, which are amazing. The trail is 7 miles long, and you get to explore various beautiful landscapes. Arches National Park in winter gets a little bit of snow everywhere in between the rock formations, which makes it look even prettier.

Stargazing in the Arches National Park in winter:

Arches National Park in winterOne of the best things to do in Arches National Park in winter is stargazing. The National Park is home to some of the darkest skies in America, which makes it famous for stargazing opportunities. The park is open all the time, which makes it easier for nighttime activity also. You can venture off to the park and then look up in the sky full of stars. If the night is moonless, then they estimate that you can see around 2,500 stars in the sky. It is also one of the spots to see the Milky Way. You can head up to the north side of the park and then watch the stars from there because the pollution is less in that region. It is the most mesmerizing experience that you will have in the National Park during the winter months.

Winter camping in Arches National Park in winter:

You can also do winter camping in the national park as there is a campground which is known as the Devils Garden Campground. The ground is open for travelers, and you can make reservations for our campsite on the grounds at the campsite. Winter camping is the best as you get to be under the sky during the cold and cozy months. You also get to stare at the sky and enjoy the wind. Do not miss out on winter camping and enjoy your trip to the park.

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