5 Safety Tips of Vaping Everybody Should Know




Cigarettes and vaping have dominated the game of nicotine for a very long time now. The popularity of this tiny item knows no bounds, regardless of the reason for this fame. However, this popularity is soon turning sour in the face of recent technological developments. Vapes have sprung up as an arch nemesis for cigarettes, and it seems that vapes have the upper hand in this fight. The reasons for such a substantial shift are apparent, but the results are surprisingly strong nevertheless.

One of the most apparent reasons for such a decline in demand for cigarettes accompanied with rising success of vapes is the rising awareness and regard for health. Cigarettes have been proved to be extremely harmful. The tar content and presence of toxic metallic compounds turn out to be the reason for this. Vapes, on the other hand, are much less harmful (not wholly harmless though).

Another reason for the rapid success of vapes is the excellent variety of flavors that vapes come with. While cigarettes stick to their same old tobacco-based flavor, vape manufacturers come up with new flavors now and then. Not only flavors, but vapes allow their consumers also to vary the level of nicotine. This feature gives vapes a prime edge over any other cigarette cessation device ever invented. How? This feature allows vapers to gradually lower the level of nicotine in their vape liquids until they can eventually quit nicotine altogether for good. This is one of the best ways to get over any addiction.

However, any technology that the humankind has ever invented has had drawbacks, and so do vapes. The consequences are sometimes so harsh that the FDA (the regulating authority on vapes and cigarettes) has often had to intervene. Also, the FDA has also laid down some ground rules to make sure that any extreme repercussions be avoided.

Here are some basic safety tips for vapers to follow to help them minimize the dangers associated with vaping:

vaping1. Battery Care:

One of the significant concerns about vaping kits are the batteries. The lithium-ion batteries that vape kits use can sometimes be hazardous. There have been several cases of batteries exploding during a vaping session which has caused severe injuries to vapers and people nearby. The batteries are volatile under extreme temperatures and if they are damaged. The battery explosion cases are so severe that the FDA continuously urges consumers to report any explosion cases to them so that they may take appropriate measures against the kit and battery manufacturers responsible for the incident.

When using a vaping kit, you need to make sure that you:

  1. Do not leave the battery to overcharge.
  2. Only use the charger that supports the vaping kit.
  3. Make sure that the battery packing is not torn at any place whatsoever.
  4. Drain out the entire battery and charge it fully once it drains out – this increases battery life.

2. Temperature Control:

Just because your device can support very high wattage does not mean that you run your device at that wattage. High temperatures are very harmful to your device and you, and that is why high wattage is discouraged. At high temperatures, not only are you putting your device at significant risk, but also risking the coil. At high temperature, there is a substantial probability that your vape taste burnt.

However high temperature may not just result from high wattage. If you leave your device under direct sunlight, the device will heat up, and the risk of it blowing up will be even higher. Moreover, very long vaping sessions will also heat up the device. So, keep your device cool.

vaping3. Coil Care:

The coil is the primary element in a vaping kit. The coil heats up upon contact with the battery, which in turn heats up the liquid and produces dense vapor. However, no matter how high-end your coil is, it burns out with usage, especially when it comes to sweet flavors because they significantly lower the life of your coil. As a result of the coil burning up, your vape tastes burnt. This increases the risk of developing a condition called popcorn lung which is extremely harmful

4. Plain E-Liquid:

E-liquid is made up of four main constituents: the flavor, Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, and nicotine. All of these ingredients are only fit for consumption through a vaping kit. Do not ever make the mistake of trying to drink your e-liquid, because it is a highly concentrated solution and may lead to several complications.

5. Flavor Ingredients:

When you buy an e-liquid, you need to make sure that you read the ingredient list and ensure that there is nothing harmful in there. Many low price e liquids, manufactured at third-grade manufacturing plants will contain unwanted material which will make them just as harmful as cigarettes. So, when you do buy an e-liquid, make sure that it comes from a good manufacturer that has strict quality assurance procedures in place and cares for its customers.


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