10 Types of motion graphic video styles you can choose for your SaaS business

SaaS businesses

When it comes to SaaS businesses, videos have become an obvious choice to begin branding and marketing. More specifically, the animated videos have really elevated the trend. But are all animated videos good for your SaaS brand?

Well, there are tons of different styles of videos in the market. From motion graphic videos and whiteboard animation videos to typographical animated videos, there are many options to choose from.

Motion graphics are not just adding motion to your animations. Instead, there are various motion graphic styles that you can leverage to add a bout of freshness to your videos. That is why motion graphic videos can hike up lead generation by 90%.

Before deciding which style to choose from, understanding them is the first step. So, here are the examples of top motion graphic video styles!


Motion graphic video styles-

1. 3D Live action motion graphics

3D animations are a great way to showcase a product or service in a detailed view. Combining animations with live-action videos can give your SaaS product video a personal and relatable touch. 3D and live-action motion graphics help you display the user’s experience with your SaaS product.

This Salesforce video combines 3D motion graphics and live-action to resonate with potential leads.

2. Kinetic typography

Kinetic typography can attract an audience with a fascinating play of words. As a result, this motion graphic style has become extremely popular in recent years among SaaS businesses. This is because kinetic typography can both engage and convey your message to viewers.

This video by Adhesive uses kinetic typography to explain the product effortlessly.

3. Seamless Transitions

Seamless transitions can make every motion graphic video compelling and fantastic. These seamless transitions make the videos seem more natural and give them a smooth flow.

The seamless transition in Hootsuite’s motion graphic video has made it endearing, unique, and attractive.

4. Thin Lines

Who would have thought that lines could become a popular style of SaaS motion graphic videos? Yes, you read that right. Thin lines are a motion graphic video style in which the whole story is conveyed using lines. This video style doesn’t include any 2D or 3D animations.

Want to see how it works? Check out this amazing video by Amazon Web Services.

5. Retro Motion Graphics

The retro motion graphic style is perfect for adding a nostalgic feel to your videos. You can create a unique SaaS video marketing strategy using retro videos. These video styles also motivate viewers to form an emotional connection with your product.

This video by Spotify uses a retro motion graphic style to entice viewers.

6. Whiteboard animated motion graphics

SaaS businesses have been using whiteboard animations to create videos for a long time. But using whiteboard animations in your motion graphic videos can make them even better. This motion graphic style can improve the storyboarding and add a smooth video flow.

See how ViGlobal delivered its message impeccably in this motion graphic video.

7. Hybrid motion graphics

Hybrid motion graphics is one of the most popular video styles due to its affordability, efficiency, and quick production. This video style is a combination of multiple motion graphic styles.

For example, the following video by Raken, a construction management software, uses live footage, flat animation, 2D animations, kinetic typography, UI animation, etc.

8. Flat 2D animation

Flat animations are a minimalistic 2D motion graphic style. Using flat animations, you create a quick and amazing SaaS product video. While flat 2d animation videos are often simple and straightforward, they can still deliver pretty good results.

This video by Basecamp shows how fascinating and fun a flat 2d motion graphic video can be.

9. UI Animation Motion graphics

If you want to create product explainer videos for SaaS businesses, use UI motion graphic style. A UI animation shows the user interface of your product and how customers can use it. This can help you efficiently explain every aspect of your product’s user interface.

But these videos are not only educational. They can also be engaging at the same time. Here’s an example of Asana that used UI motion graphics to make a fantastic demo video.

10. 2D Character Animation

Even though there are various motion graphic styles, 2D character animation still holds strong. 2D animation is one of the oldest animation styles. It can help you create an impactful video with minimum effort. 2D character animation is the best choice when you want to convey a story with your SaaS video.

Airtable, a cloud collaboration software, combined 2D character animations with 3D effects and UI animations to increase engagement.

Final Words!

Motion graphic videos are extremely appealing. Irrespective of the style, they offer fantastic results. It’s always hard to balance the production and marketing teams simultaneously causing difficulties, it’s ok to hire an Animated Motion Graphics Video Company so you can focus entirely on your SaaS product maintenance.  It’s high time to put videos on the frontier of your marketing strategy.

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